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Callistan Race Mod DL Fix Attempt - Take two

A tribute to great outdated mods

  1. Callistan Invasion

    Roskii Heiral

    -a new "dungeon" (a place to meet callistans, wip but I wanted you guys to see it =3)

    -Callistan Villagers

    -Roskii can visit your outpost now (and be summoned with admin if you're impatient)

    -One new headgear

    -All kinda fun-ness
  2. Getting Steamy~

    Roskii Heiral
    -Added Several New Items:
    -Custom Teleporter
    -Recycler (Universal Uncrafter with a Callistan Flavor) Special thanks to Wellbott
    -New Callistan Pistol (crafted from Soma Pistol)
    -Blessed Liquid (Will be explained later, but functions as Grey Goo would in Universal Uncrafter)

    -Gearing up for steam release!
  3. Teleporter Patch

    Roskii Heiral
    Just a quick patch since people keep having trouble with the current teleporter
  4. 40-40-20% More awesome

    Roskii Heiral
    -Added a new race related object:
    Yes, Its a cassette player. We're doing that. You'll find it under the decorative objects on the workbench.

    -Fixed an issue where the game was trying to pull up .wav files/converted to .ogg

    -Fixed an issue with manipulator armor naming

    -Still setting up a framework for Callistan Villages


    1. nightplayer.png
  5. Re-uploading most current version

    Roskii Heiral
    For some reason the mod reverted to its original state on the site?

    Special thanks to perfeckmind for catching this.

    Coming soon:

    -Codex Sprites are almost done (you can preview them in the assets)

    -Objects that are 40%40%20% even more awesome? (its a reference)

    -Villages have been started (not currently in assets, still tossing stuff around in tiled)
  6. Curse of the Missing Comma

    Roskii Heiral
    Fixed a missing comma in the Tier 5 ship file

    Special thanks to Valkirie for finding this bug~
  7. Frakkin Compatability

    Roskii Heiral
    -fixed peglaci trail to soma trail for compatibility with Frakkin Universe and also Peglaci race when that is re-released.
  8. Quick update

    Roskii Heiral
    -Removed hoodies and sleeveless hoodies from females in creation and added kimono and monk attire (looked better, imo)
    -Fixed animation issue with tier 0 tech station (was playing the wrong animation)

    Note: It was reported that the mod clashes with A.V.I.A.N. I have never used it, so I don't really know what's causing the clash. No log data was included in the report.
  9. Added Crew Capability and cleaned up Skfit

    Roskii Heiral
    The soma ship was unable to have crew. I hadn't noticed because I've never used crew members before. I tested the update and it should be working now.

    Also, cleaned out some old stuff from skittles template I had forgotten to erase
    (thanks again SkittleX3)