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bk3k's variable planet sizes 1.2

Variable planet sizes, different gravity levels, highly compatible with other universe mods.

  1. bk3k
    Variable planet sizes, different gravity levels. Works as a standalone or with any combination of Frackin Universe and TrueSpace. Strickly speaking this doesn't do a ton if you're using FU exclusively but it shouldn't pose a problem. If you use TS (with or without FU), then this will bring larger planets into the mix as well as staggered gravity.

    Besides FU, I'm aware that this is also accomplished in "UniGen - Larger Worlds and Diverse Gravity" (SB forums only).

    I made this anyways because I wanted a planet size mod that would work with or without a variety of other mods that also change universe/planet generation. I don't want people playing the "Does this mod work with..." game. Of course this will also be available on both SB forums and Steam Workshop.

    This should work with most mods that add or change things too such as
    "Better Barren", "CityBound", "M4's Space Stations", "God Dame Space Stations", "Satellites Mod Pack", etc.

    This also should work with "Universe Generation Overhaul"(workshop only) too but I need to test that and if not I'll make it work. Note that UGO works with neither TS nor FU, but that's not on me to fix.

    This mod probably works with "UniGen - Rare Systems" too, but that one may or may not work with others currently (depending on load order).

    Probably this mod may need tweeked after some gameplay but should be perfectly functional already.

    You don't need a new universe per say, but you will need to travel outside of the universe areas that have already generated to see the effect.

    gravityRange 21 - 30
    size 2000x2000

    gravityRange 31 - 45
    size 3000x2000

    gravityRange 46 - 60
    size 4000x3000

    gravityRange 61 - 80
    size 6000x3000

    gravityRange 81 - 110
    size 8000x4000

    gravityRange 111 - 150
    size 11000x7000

    gravityRange 151 - 180
    size 16000x8000

    Vanilla only goes up to 'large' and gravity is always 80 no matter what planet class you are on except for moon biomes which are 20 gravity.

    Primary orbit variations
      "imageScale" : 0.1,
      "smallImageScale" : 0.5,
      "worldSize" : "medium"
      "imageScale" : 0.15,
      "smallImageScale" : 0.6,
      "worldSize" : "large"
      "imageScale" : 0.21,
      "smallImageScale" : 0.70,
      "worldSize" : "huge"
      "imageScale" : 0.27,
      "smallImageScale" : 0.75,
      "worldSize" : "mega"
      "imageScale" : 0.32,
      "smallImageScale" : 0.80,
      "worldSize" : "immense"
    Satellite orbit variations
      "imageScale" : 0.075,
      "worldSize" : "medium"
      "imageScale" : 0.035,
      "worldSize" : "small"
      "imageScale" : 0.045,
      "worldSize" : "small"
      "imageScale" : 0.055,
      "worldSize" : "small"
      "imageScale" : 0.025,
      "worldSize" : "verysmall"
    Compared to FU's system generation -
    This adds "verysmall" as a potential option(not overly likely) to satellite planets.
    This removes "small" as a potential option for main orbits.
    Therefore moons are smaller on average, and planets larger on average.
    Gravity ranges are comparable, but without overlap per planet mass range.

    If you prefer Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/bk3000/myworkshopfiles/?appid=211820&p=1&numperpage=30

    Please ask questions or report problems in the discussion tab. That goes for any mod actually. I'll be glad to help you there. Suggestions would also be better placed there.
    The reviews are for rating the mod itself so that other Starbound players might know if the mod is worth their time or not.
    The reviews/ratings don't actually affect me, but please be considerate of your fellow Starbound players by only posting reviews that serve this purpose. Thank you.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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