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Bk3k's Inventory 1.26

More space, more tabs, better organization, happy hoarding.

  1. Another update

    Some missing (new) categories from FU.

    There may be a weapon mod support added to this version, but I can't remember for sure if I included it in the last update or not. If not, it is included now.

    Maybe I should be keeping notes.
  2. More categories, small internal changes

    More categories added - mostly for weapons. I most certainly don't have all the weapon mods covered yet. Fixed some small issues besides that.

    I also re-pathed all the assets the UI uses. I did this to make it possible for UI mods to properly support this mod, or at least not conflict(if not supported).

    If anyone wants to reskin this inventory interface(probably as part of a larger UI overhaul), they need only put their altered images in the new path(which...
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  3. Added lots of weapon categories, and a few more misc.

    I changed "priority" to load later. It was reported that some (action bar?) mod was not working with this - and they all should. I think the other mod must have replaced the entire "inventory" path in player.config instead of just the 2 values it might need. Loading after apparently fixed it.

    I just went through a lot of weapon mods to add categories into the Armory tab. Did I get them all... not even close! So many mods with weapons to check.

    The best part is
  4. Updating this far more often than I thought I would be

    I removed "craftingMaterial" from the main tab blacklist because strictly speaking it didn't need to be there. There is also a tag-based blacklist that includes "reagent" so it covers crafting materials already.

    That fixed a sort of edge case where something categorized as "craftingMaterial" but not tagged properly for the crafting tab wouldn't be picked up.

    While these edge cases will now be picked up, they won't be in the correct tab. But that would be true with vanilla inventory as...
  5. Fixed a small problem created by my last update

    Last update changed how the object tabs work, but I forgot that seeds and saplings are the type "object" too. Having multiple possible destinations causes the open tab to flicker back and forth when you have that thing selected. Now that is fixed, sorry.
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  6. Adjusted the categories again, fixed new item indicator locations

    1. The new item indicator is fixed. Just before release when I shortened the screen by moving techs and pets, I had to adjust heights. But these where south of the change and didn't need to move... I "fixed"(broke) them anyways.
    2. You should be able to pick up anything now(I believe).

    The last update didn't address objects the way it did items. Now I did the same thing with the objects. One tab is a whitelist(only what I specify), and the other a blacklist(disallow what I specify)....
  7. Main tab to big blacklist instead of whitelist

    As the titles says. Changing that should be an improvement in that the main tab will allow you to pick up categories I don't have included in any other tab. That does mean some mod items would be in the wrong tab, but that's clearly better than not being able to pick them up. I'd still like reports of any mods with stuff that doesn't go in the correct spot.

    I may later do the same for one of the object type tabs, but I don't (currently) think it is as big of an issue as with the weapon...
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