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Bk3k's Inventory 1.26

More space, more tabs, better organization, happy hoarding.

  1. More categories, small internal changes

    More categories added - mostly for weapons. I most certainly don't have all the weapon mods covered yet. Fixed some small issues besides that.

    I also re-pathed all the assets the UI uses. I did this to make it possible for UI mods to properly support this mod, or at least not conflict(if not supported).

    If anyone wants to reskin this inventory interface(probably as part of a larger UI overhaul), they need only put their altered images in the new path(which won't affect those without this mod). And if they don't want to mess with this mod, then their reskins of vanilla inventory images won't affect this in the least(which would look really weird otherwise). The new path for the image assets is \interface\bk3k_inventory\

    If they're going to far as to do a complete inventory interface overhaul (playerinventory.config.patch) then i added the path "/bk3k_inventory" which can be tested for properly, and knowing that they can patch the correct set of adjustments. I don't know that anyone would want to, but I made it possible at least.

    I also added a path in player.config.patch too
    in case that would be useful to test for. If not, it doesn't hurt anything.
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