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Outdated Bio Engineering 1.5

Allows players to create advanced items that modifies player's abilitys.

  1. Medium Sizaed update, new item, crafting changes, balancing, new cell type, and more!

    Hey everyone, I'm back with a decent update for this young mod! yay.

    To start of lets go over the new items!

    Glow cell, It's kind of hard to get.

    Solutions system, now you craft solutions which can be used to craft fluids, which can then be drank to get awkward effects, or use it to craft other gear.

    BOMBS! yes, bombs there is only one bomb, the levitation bomb at the moment, throw this at a creature and they float, it also stops them from attacking you. I also took the liberty of adding 4 different sound effects when throwing the bomb so it's not so bland.

    New levitation fluid, used to create levitation bomb.

    New speed boost fluids, advanced, and super. Super is you sprinting but on crackX3.

    Adjusted certain fluids.

    Made glass beakers give you 5 instead of 1.

    A new section in the custom crafting table, It's the bomb section for my feature bombs I will add.

    I also fixed some spelling errors.

    There is also more!
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