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Outdated Bio Engineering 1.5

Allows players to create advanced items that modifies player's abilitys.

  1. New items, Script clean up, and cosmetic changes.

    With this new small update I added a couple more items as follows...

    Jump fluid- gives you a 1 min jump boost

    Advanced Jump Fluid- A better edition of jump fluid

    Speed fluid- Makes you run faster.

    Bionic Speed Visor- New armor piece.

    That's all for that.

    Recipe Changes, bionic armor visors now don't cost a scoter's head set allowing to be compatible with other races.

    Crafting the of fluids now give you 5 instead of one for balancing.

    Also changes the armor to look cooler ;)

    Polished some scripts, also please alert me of any errors, this mod is in it's demo stage still, also added crafting progression.
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