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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. 0.06 - The Black Market Hammerspace Crates Update

    Today, we at the BetterMerchants company are proud to announce our new partnership with another fairly young business, BlackMarket Industries. They gave us permission to sell the access codes to one of their merchants, the BM Goon, who will sell you various technologically-advanced crates which also function as a disposal system for some of your more unused materials. As this is only the beginning of our partnership, and as BlackMarket Industries is currently unsure about the stability of their merchandise, we have been given limited access to their vast swath of crates and also encourage all BetterMerchants users to report any and all issues, especially if there is a problem with any of the interactions between you and BlackMarkets' servers and you end up shortchanged.

    Back to Mackinz with more.

    Thank you sir.

    In addition to the BlackMarket Hammerspace Crates, this time around there are also two new merchants for you, the player, to summon: The Mall Santa, and the Hylotl Bard.

    The Santa sells the Holiday Crafting Table an Holiday Spirit, which will allow you or anyone you know to make some of the now impossible-to-craft holiday goodies!

    The Bard sells various instrumements and will, perhaps, sing your praises if you ask nice enough.

    We look forward to your continued business.

    - Mackinz

    0.06 Changelog:
    • Added BM Goon
    • Added Santa Claus
    • Added Bard
    • Expanded Refinery recipes to include almost all metallic blocks
    • Added BlackMarket Block Crate and Produce Crate
    • Added lots of recipes to make them work
    • Minor changes
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