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Betabound! v11

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Crafted weapon adjustments!!!

    NOTICE: Betabound will no longer be distributed via Google Drive for users of Chucklefish forums. Instead, it will be distributed via Github.

    • T7+ Betabound weapons adjusted; they now branch off at T6, similar to armors. Weapons can specalize in speed, energy usage, or attack damage.
    • NOTICE: You may need to craft new weapons to get the adjusted stats.
    • Unique broadswords now have more abilities than just parry!
    • Explorer's Lantern (vanilla item) is no longer uselessly dim! It's now bright enough to replace your flashlight

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Water Sword, Fire Sword, Toxic Sword have new alt abilities: Blade Charge, Flying Slash, Blink Explosion, Trail Dash
    • Starcleaver, Chromosword, Cellshade, Rainbow Sword, Candy Cane have more alt abilities: Blade Charge, Pogo Sword, Rising Slash, Spin Slash, Super Spin Slash
    • The red parts on Terminite are now dyeabler those who have SAIL messages disabled
    • Wooden Cooking Table now says Cooking Table (rather than Kitchen Counter) in its interface
    • Ferozium (Scintillium) Sniper Rifle now uses ammo
    • Betabound daggers and shortswords now have stats consistent with their vanilla counterparts
    • Crafted daggers no longer act as hunting weapons. Use and upgrade the hunting knife or use other hunting weapons
    • Slight Pulse Rifle stat adjustments
    • Stat adjustments to uzis, avian guns (now avian heavy blasters), and avian blasters
    • Avian Heavy Blasters are no longer held in an extremely goofy way
    • Bone Rifles and Avian Heavy Blasters now have an alt ability

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Preservatives description now states that it prevents the item from being used in crafting, fo
    • Ferozium Compound is now known as Scintillium Compound! Thanks to BlossomDancer for the name!
    • Ursa Miner now sells iron pickaxes
    • Upgrades to the vanilla Explorer's Lantern item; brighter, animated, has fullbright parts, sounds, and can be toggled
    • Adjusted tiered tech chest capacities
    • Infinity Express now opens its doors when someone walks by
    • Avian Temple Guards can now wield avian (heavy) blasters
    • Decreased the rate at which some NPC's drop weapons
    • Boss-spawning objects now have a hint in their tooltip regarding why you should craft them, because having menacing red text and a unique rarity border isn't enough.
    • Reduced the glow of uranium, plutonium, and solarium ores
    • Impervium Compound now made from violium and gold/solarium

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fix fire sword being held by the end rather than the middle of its handle
    • Royal and Seashell shields now use the dual-shield-wielding thing
    • Wartweed Jam now rots in 30 hours rather than 6
    • Vanilla bug fix: Casual Shorts and Casual Cardigan no longer have a price of 0. You can purchase them now
    • Fixed inaccurate Energy Per Shot labels
    • Fix Pulse Rifle muzzle being slightly higher than it should
    • Vanilla bug fix: Coralcreep Curry stats are wrong
    • Bottled Water now shows when filtering by consumables
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