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Betabound! v11

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Please read, may be important

    • Despite Betabound's primary focus on restoring removed content, certain elements are being excluded from the mod to ensure a balanced and stable gaming experience.
    "What's being removed?" Betabound no longer offers craftable armor from T1 to T10.
    "Will my game crash/character be erased?" Any removed items in your inventory or worlds will be automatically converted to equivalent items of aproximate equal tiering. Armors of tiers 7-10 will come with some of the resources used to create them (ie: cerulium/ferozium/impervium compounds) along with a replacement piece of armor.
    "Why is this happening?" This change was made due to (1) seemingly redundant items existing, such as vanilla Vanguard Flak-Jacket and Betabound Vanguard Flak-Jacket. We believe these items confused players due to their similarities and differences alike. (2) vanilla is designed to work with six armor tiers, not ten. While ten tiers works with weapons, it does not with armor. Out of 156 craftable pieces of armor, only 8 had unique designs which were not simply recolors of existing vanilla armors. Furthermore, we want to encourage using the branching paths of the vanilla T5 and T6 armors rather than make an end-all be-all set of armor.
    "What will happen to the unique pieces?" Armors that featured unique appearances are now obtainable as cosmetic items and can be found like any other cosmetic item. Check the 'new' section in the full changelog for a full list of items.

    • A new tech, block, throwable, and some new obtainable objects!
    • Once again, thank you to Tea-Loving Lad for giving all daggers a visual glow-up! They are no longer slanted.
    • Space-capsules now spawn on asteroid fields. They drop mech salvage components
    • Changes to recipes and how some crafting ingredients are used

    -=- New -=-
    • Improved Fatal Circuit's combat performance!
    • Tanky! A new suit tech only obtainable by crafting at a Tech Development Station, it increases your defense while standing still!
    • Rainbow Wood is now placable
    • Ground-Fire Bomb! Unlocked via picking up a scorched core. It doesn't do much tile damage, but it spreads a wave of fire in both directions!
    • New object: small ship light. Obtain it from a Portable Pixel Printer!
    • Avian Crystal Light is now printable
    • Organic Torch! Learn the recipe by picking up tentacle blocks
    • Random events can no longer occur on barren planets or FU Tabula Rasa/Eden planets. You can patch `/events/sb_events.config:invalidWorldTypes` to add planets to the list
    • Space-capsules now spawn on asteroid fields. They drop mech salvage components
    • New 'sb_rarity' command which spits out the highest rarity of the ingredients used in a recipe. It's not nested, so it won't check the recipes of the ingredients
    • Cactislammer is now craftable! Find or research the recipe.
    • Several 'new' cosmetic items to find, based on removed armor!
    • Odd Helm, Cone Mask, The Braincage, Scrap Helm, Techmaster's set, Adventurer's set
    • Energy Regeneration augments! They make your energy regenerate faster. Find them rarely or buy them from Lana Blake.
    • The vanilla tech menu can now be used to download techs as items! Use them for crafting, sell them, or share them with your friends!
    • New emotes available with StarExtensions: :betabound: and :catlick:

    -=- Recipes -=-
    • Firework recipes use string instead of wire
    • Gunpowder is now only used to make bullets. Non-bullet recipes which use it now use volatile powder
    • Adjusted hand/gas/electro grenade recipes
    • Removed 'thorn grenade from bomb' recipe
    • Several block/platform recipes have been adjusted to be more consistent with similar recipes
    • Wrecked Platform now yields 40 items instead of 10
    • Wrecked Platform now uses 1 water instead of 10
    • Scrap Panel, Rusty Panel, and Heavy Iron Bars now use 1 water
    • Outpost Concrete is now made from clay, sand, and water, instead of from... regular concrete
    • Outpost Platform/Support Beam/Thick Wall/Wall now use 1 tungsten bar and 1 outpost concrete to craft, yields 50 items. Do you think this is grindy? Because it's way less grindy than using 20 concrete to make 10 blocks! The platform recipe used durasteel and gave 10 platforms. I think my changes are a major improvement.
    • Energy Pulse Jump recipe changed from 2 Pulse Jumps to 1 Pulse Jump and 1 Energy+
    • Shiplockers now use durasteel instead of steel bars

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Ruin Portal music now respects the music slider
    • Mech Parts now have varied rarities based on their tier
    • Throwing Needles now have a new icon. Bet you won't notice the difference. I'm serious
    • Removed Tabula Rasa stuff since like, just make a Wooden Tool Table?? It's like 35 wood
    • Gave Modern Table a new icon
    • Basic Merchants no longer have a 100% chance to sell bandages, medkits, and preservatives. This is for consistency with their other stock
    • Gave Ministry of Knowledge Sign a better icon
    • Tonauac can now bless with energy regeneration and protection boost
    • Nerf Irradiated Launcher
    • Glow tech color changed to match the glow augment/stim effect
    • Smashable prism shard rocks now drop prism shard items
    • Removed solarium rods. Functionality merged with solarium stars. Any existing rods will be transformed into stars automatically.
    • Expanded on the descriptions of solarium stars and ore
    • Erchius Crystal blocks are no longer craftable. They can be mined from moons or purchased
    • Morphball no longer drains energy while active
    • Morphball energy required to place bombs changed
    • Morphball bomb explodes quicker
    • Distortion Sphere transformation energy changed from 50 to 25
    • Several blocks have had their rarity changed to Uncommon due to one or more of their ingredients being of Uncommon rarity
    • Brain Extractor now works on many more monsters. If they drop meat and are from vanilla or Betabound, they have a brain. Probably.
    • All vanilla shields are now dual-wieldable (in that they have separate health bars if you use two at once!) Removed redundant Betabound shields-- they will automatically transform into their vanilla counterparts
    • Snow Infantry set no longer has stats. It is still craftable though
    • Reduced chance of crappy broadswords spawning in the core fragment mines; also can pick from broadsword, spear, hammer, and axe
    • Reduce Thorny Needler energy consumption rate
    • Change Buttered Toast food value from 25 to 35. Stats adjusted to match new food value
    • Energy adjustments to Bubble Boost, Butterfly Boost, and Particle Thrust
    • Gravity Neutraliser now does its job much better and faster

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Admins can now teleport to party members from Quickbar
    • Refined Ferozium no longer unlocks Ferozium Compound
    • From a hotfix on 8/JUL/2023: Brain Extractor now pauses regeneration effects on valid targets, fixing some issues related to brains not dropping if an enemy regenerates some health right as it dies
    • From a hotfix on 9/JUL/2023: Characters with studied transmutations from 'Equivalent Exchange for Starbound' for the now unused exotic produce forget them upon loading in, allowing them to use transmutation tables again
    • Ruin Portal ground monsters now attack the players
    • From vanilla: 'Figure Cave Art' (caveart3) now actually spawns in the Floran Artifact Mission. I moved it one block to the left and now it spawns. I also did this without replacing the floran mission map itself, so it works with other mods that change that mission. How did I do it? So, the object can't spawn because it's overlapping a door by one block, so I patched the file responsible for "Hey, this color pixel in the dungeon layout image corresponds to this object" to replace the object (caveart3) with an imposter object which has the same hitbox as the original object, except the hitbox is shifted one tile to the left. Additionally, the object is visually shifted one tile to the left. The imposter object then looks at the original object file and copies all of its data (this is so scanning the object gets the right information), then sets a flag stating that it's pretending to be the original object. When the object is scanned, all quests that are listening for an 'objectScanned' message are given the object's name and entity ID. The invisible quest responsible for having SAIL unlock techs when the player gets an artifact is one such quest which listens for objectScanned messages, and it checks if the scanned object has that "I'm pretending to be another object" flag, and if so, marks the original object as scanned, so the Pixel Printer can determine if the player can print the object. All of this for an object you're going to walk past in the depths of a damp, abandoned cave. Did you get all of that? It'll be on the test.
    • Protection Boost particles now appear in front of the character
    • The bomb dropped by the morphball tech no longer floats in certain circumstances
    • The description for Lunar Base Block no longer erroneously states that is is an alloy
    • Vanilla bug fix: Forge (upgraded anvil) bottom pixels now show as intended
    • Betabound melee weapon tooltips no longer exaggerate their damage output. That was a bit painful to fix
    • Can no longer paint heck brains
    • Eggshoot Ice Cream now gives instant energy

    -=- Technical Changes -=-
    • Tiered weapon definitions have been moved to their own subfolders, so `/sb_definitions/t1broadsword.config` is now `/sb_definitions/broadswords/t1.config`, for example
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