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Betabound! v11

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    1. New tech: Enhanced Healing! Get more bang for your buck when using healing items
    2. Research Station now has categories! Sort what you want to research
    3. Thorns collar for your pets!
    4. Eating meat heals you!

    -=- New -=-
    • Enhanced Healing. This tech makes health restoration effects more potent-- they will heal faster and heal more health. Craft or find it. Hey, you know how a ton of suit techs are red? First I tried blue, then green. Guess which one worked? HINT: Neither.
    • Added a wearable variant of the parachute pack item
    • Some more tools added to tool merchant stock
    • Crossbows have an alt: Burst!
    • Added a durasteel repair tool
    • Thorns Collar! A Thorns Augment for your pet.
    • Brooms! Find a broom in desert chests and sweep. What does sweeping do? Nothing!
    • Environmental Protection-- Combine Oxygen Supply, Radiation Protection, Cold Protection, and Heat Protection to get an all-in-one suit tech! Does not give elemental resistance, however.

    -=- Food -=-
    • Cooked Tentacle heals 95 health
    • Cooked Ham heals 95 health
    • Cooked Ribs heals 95 health
    • Cooked Flesh Lump heals 50 health
    • Cooked Poultry heals 50 health
    • Cooked Steak heals 50 health
    • Cooked Fish heals 50 health
    • Cooked Bacon heals 25 health
    • Raw Fish heals 25 health

    • Foods made from reefpods now give the most useless status effect: Swim Boost!

    -=- Tech -=-
    • Mining Drill energy usage rate down from 8 to 3

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • Mannequins no longer require TEN COPPER BARS to craft
    • Trading recipes for boss drops have their required items reduced (ie: only need one set of items instead of multiple)
    • Added a crafting recipe for the Vampiric and Rollyball techs
    • Research Station uses platinum bars instead of titanium bars
    • Party Popper now requires string
    • Gunpowder craftable at vanilla furnace
    • Research Station now has category filters
    • Paper craftable at Wooden Crafting Table
    • Alternate recipes for green and yellow stim packs
    • Magnetic Crucible no longer requires steel bars; instead requires uranium rods and silver bars
    • Rainbow Unicorn Statue costs 50 rainbow wood instead of 500
    • Added recipe for Rainbow Painting. Find (rainbow/colourful biomes) or research the recipe
    • Changed striking crayon recipes-- uses oil and more rainbow wood; uses 3 dye bottles instead of 20 petals total
    • Added an alternate recipe for Slime Hand Grapple
    • Frost Spear craftable. Find (ice biomes) or research the recipe

    • Now craftable at bare hands: snowman, fancy snowman, tarman, tarball, throwing bones, throwing gnomes
    • Kennel, wooden elevators, and cardboard boxes craftable at vanilla workbench
    • Paper Wings craftable at vanilla anvil

    • Stim Bombs, antidotes, and medkits removed from crafting tables-- Use a medical station instead
    • Bug Net removed from crafting tables-- Use a foraging station instead

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Canned Food and Medical Kit now have unique plate sprites
    • Techs now fully deplete energy if possible
    • Changed the order of tutorial quests so that the player is taught how to make food and a bow after making copper bars. Consequently, the 'no copper bar - bow' recipe has been removed.
    • Heart Forge and Toymaker's Table now have orange names like other crafting stations
    • Slime Torch now researchable
    • Impervium Tech Chest slot count increased from 48 to 64
    • Increased uranium and plutonium on moons
    • Shroom Remedy, Grass Remedy, Synthesis Stim, Fungal Stim, and all the recipes taught by aegisalt/rubium/violium/ferozium/cerulium/impervium bars are now known by default
    • 'Forest Battle (1)' music sheet now obtainable
    • Gave unique icons to silver ore, gold ore, and moonstone
    • Changed lead's icon... again
    • Gravity Bubble no longer functions in 0g
    • Adjusted the position of rocket boot flames
    • Rainbow Wood now works as fuel

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Mining Drill tech works again
    • Vanilla: both snowmen drop the right wood now
    • Paint Guns are now researchable
    • Lead now shows up in the cockpit
    • Moonstone now detected by ore detector
    • Enabled the Dropship event
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