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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Guns and grub!

    • Ammo! Don't unsubscribe just yet-- you can use a gun without ammo. I'm open to suggestions and I tried to make it fun. Basically, it's like Terraria, not FU or GiC. Only revolvers use ammo-- all other guns are unaffected. You can craft or find ammo at amazing rates-- the ingredients:ammo rate is about 1:50, so ammo is quite cheap!
    • If you have no ammo, revolvers (the only gun to use ammo) uses energy instead
    • All food items changed-- Better durations, prices, and food values!
    • Three new dishes to make from oranges!

    -=- Food -=-
    • Veggie Soup buffed-- It's no longer a scam! Food value/heal buffed
    • Tomato Soup food value/heal and price buffed
    • Carrot Bread gives health boost. Recipe changed. Food value boosted
    • Banana Bread energy boost increased; health boost removed
    • Buttered Toast stat duration buffed
    • Pizza (vanilla) and pizza (beta) buffed
    • Rice Cakes now require seaweed
    • 8GB Pizzap renamed to 8GB Retro Pizzap; food value buffed; food value buffed
    • 16GB Pastry renamed to 16GB Retro Pasty (even though it's a calzone); food value buffed, regen buffed
    • Alien Burger price increased slightly
    • We're gonna be here all day, aren't we?
    • Automato Stew... Bananacon... Burrito...

    • Pristine Boiled Pearlpeas recipe now requires 1 instead of 2 pearlpeas
    • Orangenergy Glass yield tripled
    • Chili Stew now requires 1 meat chunks instead of 2
    • Curried Beakseed now requires 1 beakseed instead of 2

    • ...And much, much more!

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • Novakid T1 revolver and rifle no longer requires gunpowder to craft
    • Gunpowder recipe yields 2 instead of 1
    • Ship Upgrades no longer require more than one Upgrade Module
    • Recipe for Tech Development Console changed
    • Lightweight Watering Can now uses polymer instead of tungsten bars. It doesn't make sense for something made out of tungsten to be lighter than an object of equal proportions made out of wood, and it makes even less sense if said wooden object weights less after being merged with an entire bar of tungsten
    • Stone Axe now craftable at a Foraging Table
    • Ladder Deployer now craftable at an Inventor's Table

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Pulse Rifles no longer fire in bursts; acts more like assault rifles
    • Pulse Rifles no longer have Spray 'n Pray; now have Grenade Launcher

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Sulphur now spawns on T1 planets
    • Added 3 new novakid brands based on Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
    • Ore Merchants and Ursa Miner sell lead and sulphur
    • Removed quest-giver preview from quest previews because it's weird for some people and Starbound doesn't let me easily do it like the inventory and everything is wrong and iNEJHFGUABDinrigniaorjgIUSSLNFIURDbguVYSyt4negHFYIN %$EFt 4578eorFMA IBDHVjc
    • Sulphur price reduced; no longer refinable
    • Oranges are now always sold by Infinity Express-- no need to complete any quests
    • Swamp Water now slightly slows the player
    • Added two new trees to alien planets. One drops Alien Weird Wood, which is just used as fuel for now
    • Seaweed and kelp trees spawn on ocean floors instead of just one or the other
    • Lightweight Watering Can range increased. Should no longer sometimes miss a spot while running and watering

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fixed some sloppy test ops for Shroom & Grass Remedy and Synthesis & Fungus Stim
    • Capes show stats again
    • Stone Axe/Hoe now show their large images
    • Fixed a knockback issue with axes
    • Fixed a bug which allowed players to stack ship upgrades
    • Orangenergy Cans no longer appear to rot
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