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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    -=- Consumables -=-
    • Several items now provide energy regeneration! The cooking interface has a category for energy regeneration
    • Rice, Kelp, and Crystal Plants* are now edible!
    * (unobtainable right now I think)
    • Box of Chocolates is now classified as Prepared Food
    • Adjusted the descriptions of both oculemon's
    • Rice Vinegar is less expensive to craft and gives more appropriate effects
    • Rice Wine buffed
    • Several foods buffed and nerfed

    -=- New -=-
    • New suit tech: Vampiric! Regain life by damaging foes... but suffer a reduction in max health!
    • Added a visual indicator for the instant health/energy effect given by some food
    • Added Roasted Cacti!

    -=- Crafting Recipes -=-
    • Changed cake recipe to be less expensive
    • Changed Avesmingo Cordial (glass and bottle) recipe
    • EPP's and various crafting stations now craftable at Iron/Robotic Crafting Table
    • Antidote (from poisoncreep) no longer craftable without a proper station

    -=- Interfaces -=-
    • Added Snacks, Healing, Energy Regeneration, and Other categories to the cooking interfaces
    • Lecterns will now automatically take any (valid) item in its slot
    • Lecterns now eject items into the world instead of putting them in the interface
    • Lecterns now sort items instead of randomly shuffling the list
    • Different blueprints with the same name are no longer treated as the same one by lecterns
    • Added a backing to the whole 'Item Icon, How Many You Wanna Craft, Craft Button' combo gang
    • Changed the label of the crafting button for some interfaces (ie: 'Smelt' for furnaces, 'Prepare' for cooking...)
    • Added a 'Hey, you can skip this quest!' line to the second tutorial quest (It's been optional for quite a while-- I'm just bringing more attention to that fact)

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Adjusted how often certain food items appear in chests
    • New command: sb_foodweight. Accepts multiple arguments. Used by me to calculate how often certain food items should appear in chests
    • Minor visual improvements to the Tech Selection and Tech Station GUI's
    • Changed the icon for Energy Regeneration (the old one is still used in vanilla)
    • Renamed Chili (the stew) to Chili Stew
    • Crappy Weapons are less common
    • Alternate Sprite bars temporarily disabled while I figure out what to do with them
    • Did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to reduce the mod size and hopefully make crafting stations less laggy
    • Unprepared Food, Matter Manipulators, Wire Tools, Paint Tools, and Inspection Tools now go in the action bar on pickup, should the action bar be unlocked
    • Renamed Roast Banana to Roasted Banana, for consistency with vanilla
    • Ground Smash tech damage increased slightly
    • Added some new items to the Portable Pixel Printer
    • Adjusted the prices of some Portable Pixel Printer items
    • Poisoncreep plants now spawn on ocean floors
    • Adjusted some sprites (Root Pop Bottle, Cordial)
    • Heat Rays have a higher chance of spawning in volcanic chests
    • Changed the sprite colors of Hot Hot Hotpot to differentiate it from Meat Balls

    -=- Quests -=-
    • 'The Good Book' now gives four tech cards instead of 3 tech chips and 3 blank tech drives

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fixed some foods not appearing in certain categories
    • Fixed Ground Smash immunity caused by spamming it
    • Fixed a bug preventing instant health/energy food effects from applying if the player dual-wields such items and eats them both within a certain frame window
    • ...And then fixed a new bug which would boot you to the title screen upon loading a character after doing... something related to eating, I forgot
    • Volcanic Chests now use the proper loot pools ("Normal Treasure + Rare Treasure + Volcanic Treasure" instead of "Volcanic Treasure Only")
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