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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Crafted gun alt abilities and tech equippers!

    1. New alts for crafted aegisalt & ferozium guns and Novakid rifles!
    2. T6 ferozium guns are now T8!
    3. Tech Equippers! Quickly equip tech!

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Aegishot alt ability: Piercing Shot
    • Aegisalt Rifle alt ability: Bouncing Shot
    • Ferozium Rifle alt ability: Spray 'n Pray
    • Ferozium Launcher alt ability: Rocket Burst
    • Ferozium Sniper alt ability: Grenade Launcher

    • Novakid T2 & 3 alt ability: Bouncing Shot
    • Novakid T4 & 5 alt ability: Explosive Shot
    • Novakid T6 & 7 alt ability: Enemy Bomb
    • Novakid T8 & 9 alt ability: Marked Shot

    -=- New -=-
    • Tech Equippers! Trying to bind only one tech at a Tech Station will give you an item to swap to that tech.

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Added sound effects to all throwable items.
    • Added sound effects to thrown stimbombs and certain grenades.
    • Bottled Water food value increased to 1.5, from 0.2.
    • Standard Issue Counter and Medieval Counters can now be used for cooking.
    • Gave some crafting stations new icons.
    • Tech Drives can be used to unlock available techs. ie: If the tech menu shows Pulse Jump, but it's locked and needs 3 tech cards, you can just use a Tech Drive with Pulse Jump on it.

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fixed muzzle flash positions of every racial rifle.
    • Fixed a sloppy copypaste somewhere.
    • Moved the Bare Hands Crafting Icon to the left by one single pixel. Did you know there is no way to move it? Yeah. I did it anyway. That 'position' value? Useless. Does nothing.
    • Added two missing pixels to the Iron Anvil Crafting Icon, which... moved the image to the right by one pixel. Luckily, I knew exactly how to move it.
    • Remember the Bare Hands crafting thing? Yeah. Undid it. Sad, but true. I had to. Why? Because everything that doesn't use a specific config uses it and the image is so thick that it isn't completely hidden behind other icons!
    • Hey, remember the Iron Anvil thing? Yeah. And you remember how no matter what I tried, that one Sliding Door recipe wouldn't appear, EVER, even in admin, until I change the price from like 125 to ANYTHING else? Thankfully, that didn't happen with this.
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