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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Lifts and legends!

    [New Content]
    • Added lecterns! Collect codices and books and display them in this handy stand! It keeps its contents when moved to your inventory. (It's a miniature, portable library!)
    • Writable Books! Write books, notes, read and edit them on-the-go, or put them on a lectern!
    • 8 craftable elevators!

    (Lecterns and books can be crafted at a Wooden Crafting Table)

    • Bandages, medkits, and antidotes can be crafted by hand-- the recipe is different than the apothecary's!
    • Moved salves to their proper category in the [C] menu
    • Bottled water and bottled healing water can now be crafted by hand

    [Bug Fixes]
    • Poison no longer briefly plays the burning sound effect
    • Mysterious Trash Bag and Ashes now have the correct tooltip
    • Fireworks are now craftable at iron crafting tables
    • Paper Wings can now be crafted at the correct station

    • Just like Shattered Alchemy (is this a running gag? I bet the next update is going to include it too.), the 'new character item kit' are delayed until the player completes/skips the intro.
    • Added the Survival Guide to the New Character Item Kit!
    (Existing characters will automatically receive the Survival Kit)
    • Characters affected by certain bugs will receive some goodies
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