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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Mystical Bees


    Moon Bees
    Fairy Bees
    Satyr Bees

    Moon bees glow.
    Fairy Bees make fairy gems, usable to craft a totem that spawns fairies.
    Satyr Bees make ancient branches, used to spawn wisps and to make a bow.

    Floral Combs fixed.
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  2. PGI and Furniture Fix, Slower

    PGI Fixes with Floral Combs.
    Golden Furniture Fixed.

    Combs/Honey Jars no longer fill as much hunger.

    Apiaries and Alvearies have both been slowed down slightly on item generation.
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  3. PGI Fix Floral Honeycomb

  4. Download if you need bug fixes.

    Only content in the patch is:

    Renamed Normaldrones in LUA files to "drone" and Normalqueens to "queen", fixed an error where "drone" said "queen" in one instance of apiary.lua as well.
  5. PGI Fix, Nocturnal Apiary Fix, some changes.

    Honeycomb Light fixed.

    Nocturnal bees should now spawn at night.

    The time it takes for an apiary to spawn additional bees after spawning one bee has been increased by roughly 40%. Alvearies 20%.

    To compensate, you no longer need to break an apiary to reset the timer on bee respawns. Just make either the Queen or Drone slot empty, then fill it. That will reset it. (For example just click the drone, then place it back in.)
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  6. Bug Fixes, again.

    No more PGIs from nocturnal apiaries.

    Breeding with normal bees fixed. You should now be able to make leaf bees, etc.

    Honeylight renamed Honeycomb light.

    Bee spawn cooldowns reset on emptying an apiary.

    --I'll make things drop 1 drop 1 queen later.--

    Time for work. :(
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  7. Bug Fixes, I'm sorry! :(

    Bee crafting station placed once again at the bottom of the crafting table.
    Bee breeding fixed.

    3 new bee types.
    Giant Flower

    Read the main page for more info.

    Oh, and delete those ugly old bug nets if you still have them, or they'll be floating at your feet. Just make a new one.
  8. Breeding Station Removed

    Now, to breed special bees, simply mix and match in the apiary! (Only those listed on my front page are supported at the moment! More to come!)
  9. Apiary rare item bug fix.

    Alvearies also now work like apiaries at a faster pace.
  10. Huge mechanics update, read below.

    There is now only 1 type of apiary.

    Plus the queen in the queen slot.
    Place 1 drone in the drone slot.

    The apiary will now store the associated items, for every type except steam.

    More updates soon!

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