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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Minor bug fix, Wax Sword

    Fixed a bug with larvae, added a wax sword.

    Ninja silkfly graphical update.
  2. Bee breeding, silk, bug catcher, and more!

    ---This version has been tested, but please PM me or post in discussion if you discover any bugs! Something as simple as a typo in 1 file could throw the entire mod off balance :( ---

    New bees!

    Boring Bee
    Exceptional Bee
    Silky Bee

    New Machines!

    Bee Breeding Station
    Bug Catcher
    Silk Apiary
    Boring Apiary
    Exceptional Apiary

    New Items!

    Honey Silk
    Honey Silk Bandage
    Exceptional Drop

    See main page for details! Updating it now.
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  3. Nocturnal Bees, Bee Catcher Change, Crafting Table.

    All apiary related objects are now crafted at the Apiary Crafting Table (A Default Blueprint).

    The bee catcher now spawns bees, and requires no input.
    (If a coded it right, it should spawn Nocturnal Bees at night. Anyone have a daytime changing mod to test it?)

    Strong and Nocturnal Bees currently have default bee functions except nocturnal honey and combs, but they will be updated soon!

    Strong/Nocturnal Apiaries.

    Some graphical updates.


  4. Strong Bees, Strong Honey!

    Added a new type of bee, new apiary, and a new type of honey!
    Read the main page for details. Oh, and also, keep clicking your apiary!
    Theres a decent chance of finding a new queen and drone in it! (more likely a drone)
  5. Fixed a perfectly generic item bug.

    Fixed a perfectly generic item bug.