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Base In A Box 2.0.12

Deploy instant base modules from placeable objects.

  1. Tanks a lot

    I've added a liquid storage tank that can be wired up to drains. When powered, it sends a wire signal through its lower output - any drains connected to this will send liquid they collect back to the tank for storage. Once the tank is full, it'll switch the lower ouput off and the upper output on. Power the tank off and on again to reset it.

    This required a small change to the base game's "drain.lua" file, so if any other mods have also changed that file, there'll obviously be a conflict - if you know of any mods that change the way drains work, let me know and I'll try and resolve the issue. :)

    I also added an extra version of the wire relay with the output nodes on the sides rather than the top and bottom, in case you need to stack them verically.

    Finally, a small fix to modules in a box:
    • It was still possible to hit the lua instruction limit on larger prints, so I've scaled back the number of operations per loop to (hopefully) fix it
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