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Avali Drone Pet 1.2.2

A maintenance drone for an Avali starship

  1. 1.1.1 update

    Forums are letting me upload again, so I can finally bring this up to date with the workshop version.
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  2. Fixed crash with Workshop Avali mod

    Made a quick edit to the metadata dependencies so that the game won't crash if you're using the Workshop version of the Avali mod. There still might be other issues with Workshop mod interactions, though. I'll be looking into it.
  3. Purchasable Pets Compatability

    Updated to include compatibility with Purchasable Pets, with two separate versions. Only install one of them.
    If you use Purchasable Pets, install avalidronepet-ppets, which makes the drone pet spawnable from the drone dock. The dock itself, however, is not purchasable from Infinity Express, it remains craftable from the Avali nanolathe, so yes, Avali mod is required as well.
    If you don't use Purchasable Pets, just install the regular avalidronepet file, which has changed in...
  4. 1.1

    Got the drone dock working! It's a craftable recipe on the Avali nanolathe. Also made a tiny edit that should (hopefully) allow the drone to work with the workshop version of the Avali mod.