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Augment Overhaul Version 1.3

A complete re-work of the Starbound augments.

  1. Augment Crafter Addition.

    Added the Augment Crafter.

    The Augment Crafter can be used to for just about anything augment related.

    1. Break augments down into data.
    2. Exchange data for new augments.
    3. Exchange augment types for free. (For example you can swap Peacekeeper III Back for Peacekeeper III Chest for no expense.)
    4. Craft other augment related items. (Such as Augmentable armor, the Augment Extractor MK II, or Blank Augment Drives.)

    Corrected names on various augments, now their names all represent what slot they should go into.
    Fixed the crafting recipes for the tier 6 generic augmentable armors, now they are crafted with tier 5 augmentable armors rather than Apex tier 5 armors.

    Change notes:
    Moved crafting recipes for generic augmentable armors to the sixth tab of the Augment Crafter.
    Moved the crafting recipe for the Augment Extractor to the sixth tab of the Augment Crafter.
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