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Arsenalbound - Lastree race mod 1.42

Adds a humanity's guardian devil, the Lastree.

  1. rooki1
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    “According to this scenario, we are prehistoric people saved by the USCM remnants, who were taught by them to help mankind in return. ”

    “Do you really think they'll believe this?”

    “Nah, but it is less awkward than using the 'we ate them and stole all their tech.' scenario.”


    “Alright, I've retraced all of their communications. I guess I can just scramble the audio so they have to rely on the text input.”

    “I thought this vessel was supposed to have military-grade security?”

    “Well yeah, but they weren't helping themselves leaving half the codes on their soldiers with those flimsy I.D. cards. I'll just replace all the messages with something along the lines of "Since our retreat from Earth we have met a new form of life whom we have donated all of our technology and learning as well as guaranteeing them safety in the Protectorate, we hope you can come to accept them".”

    "Hey, that actually sounds pretty formal!"

    "It's copy-pasted from one of the generals other documents, am I good or what?"

    "Do you think they'll ever figure out that we..."

    "No, they won't. That's our secret to keep."

    For countless residents of the galaxy, the formation of the terrene protectorate brought forth a new era of peace and prosperity. The ideals of the protectorate and their attempts to unite all races and lead them to a new and hopeful tomorrow have fueled many people's hearts. But not everyone expected eternal sunshine. Someone knew that they had to be prepared for the unavoidable night. Most USCM and old military groups defected from Earth after it's formation, claiming that its naive ideals would only further corruption and fuel political chaos.

    Among these was the USCM's Sixth Expeditionary Force, code-named "The Devil's Own", who sought to completely remove themselves from New Earth society and from their own homeworld with Old Earth's values, as many other USCM affiliated organizations did. However, unlike other USCM defectors who had simply faded from history and defending their new homes, the Devil's Own had disappeared. When an entire armada of some of the highest tech ships and mechs along with the grizzled veterans that crewed them seemingly evaporated

    Caught the attention of other USCM groups, experienced bounty hunters and some of the Protectorate's élite. After nearly a decade of searching the fleet was forgotten by most and the Protectorate even held a formal meeting stating that the search would be postponed until there was more concrete evidence.

    As time went on, sightings of the Devil's Own begin popping up. At first, it was completely dismissed until an unnamed bounty hunter brought physical items such as USCM armor, weapons and an entire--though nearly scrapped-mech. The reports grew even further and investigations pinpointed the origin of these USCM ghosts to the original planet that the Devil's own was thought to have sought refuge on.

    Suspicions grew and other USCM groups were particularly sensitive about the possibility of the Devil's Own still existing. Finally, the light was shed completely when three cruiser class USCM ships entered Earth's orbit and requested refuge. The ships belonged to the Devil's Own but the intentions of those aboard seemed entirely peaceful. Lizard-like creatures with a strange demonic resemblance exited the ships. There were only around one hundred in total. They introduced themselves as the Lastree and the grim urban legend came to an end.

    Over time, when the leaders of the lastree came into contact, there was a big stir in the terrene protectorate. They identified themselves and wanted to coöperate with protectorate. Despite the noise, the existence of the lastree was formally accepted by the terrene protectorate.

    The Lastree claimed that the Devil's Own came to their planet seeking refuge but the planet's gravitational field was becoming unstable. The USCM remnants were almost completely destroyed when the field expanded spontaneously which dragged all the orbiting ships into the surface, destroying them and killing thousands.

    The survivors taught the Lastree about Earth's culture as well as the protectorate and vowed that their final message would be one of peace between the Lastree and the Protectorate to ensure their race's survival. Though many were skeptical of such a noble dead from USCM members, the Protectorate thought it hypocritical to deny a new species into their ranks. Only a decade or so after these events, Earth was destroyed and the Lastree has since emerged as a potential hero of humanity and the rest of the universe.

    And the story begins. Earth's destruction has come. Humanity is in crisis, and the galaxy's balance is shaken. And all over the galaxy, lastrees are moving. Soon they will realize; The Devil's Owns did not disappear, but we're already among them as a guardian devil.


    "This is General William Keller writing:

    I hope the Protectorate is following with all of this so far. With our dying breath, we have decided to save a new form of life, we can only hope that you will accept them. All of us have decided to pass on our humanity to another.

    The concept is simple, at 00:00 hours your consciousness will be transferred into a Project Nephilim.

    Most of your previous identity will be suppressed except for this message; you are no longer human because humanity needs an external force to save them. You will awake believing that you killed.

    Unlike our naïve brothers and sisters, we know the truth about the universe; there is no everlasting peace. It may be Apex fascists. It could be barbaric Florans. It can even be those damned Hylotls. Either way, war can come in any form and at any time.

    But when that day arrives, humans can't be unprepared, someone must be there to protect them. Over the next operation period, we will rebuild our forces and then we will reveal ourselves again, only this time we'll have a defined purpose and goal. Humanity's enemies will face the last regiment of humanity waited for them."

    -Full tiered armor sets
    -Custom tiered weapons(Aegisalt: Mag-weapons, Violium: Vibro-blades, Ferozium: Drone-Hive)
    -Custom S.A.I.L
    -Custom mech body
    -Custom pets
    -Custom name sets
    -Custom ships
    -Custom respawn animation
    -Custom outpost shop



    -Custom village or dungeon
    -Custom quest line
    -And more to go


    Help-wanted: English is not my first language. So I need someone to check in-game texts.

    - Syn for lore checks
    - Bieszczadnik for NPC dialogs
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.42 update
  2. 1.41 hotfix
  3. 1.4 Update - Drone warfare

Recent Reviews

  1. deathclaw
    Version: 1.42
  2. Hawkman397
    Version: 1.42
    It looks cool, but the mod crashes the game right after the Chucklefish logo...
  3. SOP31
    Version: 1.42
    excellent mod just please add FU stats and it is perfect
  4. GrVT-ChILd
    Version: 1.42
    Noice could use a custom racial dialogues tho.
  5. ZeckArtCZ
    Version: 1.42
    Absolutely amazing! And they also look a little like Tieflings! LOVE IT! :3
  6. jere152
    Version: 1.42
    alguien me podría ayudar la verdad no me sale
    abro el juego y se cierra
  7. Cryptoid
    Version: 1.41
  8. Qualitybait
    Version: 1.33
    No doubt about it. One of the best mods this community has to offer.

    >Fantastic design
    >Blends in naturally with both vanilla and almost all modded races
    >Starts with a gun
    >Wonderful lore
    >Amazing military-based armory
    >Starts with a gun

    A must mod for Starbound, not many mods can top this off.
    Very excited for the Indix to get an update.
  9. Testamentexe
    Version: 1.33
    Honestly, I love this mod a whole lot ever since day one of it's creation. The weapon designs are amazing (even though the seem rather large), the outfits are beyond needed due to lack of really cool military like power armors, the lore is pretty solid too, oh and a really cute pigbat thing pet to throw in a toss. My only "gripe" is lack of hair styles, most of them mess with the horns but I assume there's nothing that can be done with that
  10. Cryptoid
    Version: 1.33
    Amazing work, keep it up.