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Arsenalbound - Indix race mod 1.7

Adds a data ghost race, the Indix.

  1. 1.7 update

    - Quill blades had been changed to Fan blades. Now it fires homing darts.
    - A new codex added
    - some other changes
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  2. 1.61 update

    - Animated disassembler update. To see a animated disassembler, You have to make it again.
    - other small changes.
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  3. 1.6 update

    - Custom respawn animation added
  4. 1.59 small update

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  5. 1.582 mini update

    - small bug fixes
  6. 1.581 mini update

    - Whip blade stats change.
    - Small bug fixes.
  7. 1.58 update


    - Quill blades art reworked.
    - Whip blades added. New one handed melee weapons.
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  8. 1.571 hotfix

    - Hot bugfix
  9. 1.57 update

    -Basic Indix tenant(Villager, Guard, Merchant. No chef. There is a no Indix chef) added.

    -Damper shields added. Weak but fast and light energy shield.

    -A new codex added. You can buy it from a Indix vendor.
  10. 1.56 update

    - Face graphic fix
    - Weave plate tile, table, door added
    - Minor bug fix