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Arachne 1.17

Adds the Arachne race to Starbound

  1. New Ship + Silk Currency

    -Fixed tiers (and damage) of Warpweaver and the Spidersword
    -Added silk currency to replace crafting silk with plant fibre
    --Changed recipes to match this
    -Made use of Ztarbound/FU's fancy update screen
    -Changed up the spiderling eggs
    -Updated Arachne Glass to look better
    -New (but still placeholder) ship
    -Fixed some issues in armour icons
    -Added conversion for dark disguise set (chest and legs)
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  2. Another update

    -Added new broadsword, the Warpweaver. Replaces the previous tier 6 broadsword, which has been moved to tier 5.
    -Added grey skin tones
    -Fixed the doors being broke
    -Added a blank back item
  3. The long-awaited mediocre update

    Yes, finally, an update.
    -Tweaked colour palette of objects, redid egg bed sprite
    -Added armour conversion for protectorate uniform.
    -Added an intangible silk block (Basically for decoration, you can walk through it even if placed in foreground)
    -One-wide hitbox is now default. If you are using the previous addon, nothing will change for you. As well, there is a new addon if you want the wider hitbox, linked in description.
    -Some more object descriptions (Some of biome objects)
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  4. Updated weapon textures & object descriptions

    -All melee weapons updated to fit the starbound style
    -More object descriptions added, courtesy of Ren. (Avian objects)
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  5. Hotfix

    -Fixes emotes file
  6. Tweaks

    -Fixed image position of ship boosters
    -Tweaked hairs and armours to make eyes more visible
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  7. More blocks + fixes

    -Added 3 new blocks: Packed Silk Block, Silk Block, and Arachne Glass. All three are unlocked by the silk bar.
    -Minor tweak to eyes and fixed emotes.
    -Fixed capitalization in silk bar's name (Silk bar to Silk Bar).
    -Fixed silk bar being in the wrong inventory bag (any in your inventory just need to be dropped and picked up again to fix).
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  8. Design changes

    -Added more exoskeleton colours.
    -Changed/fixed dagger unlock progression to follow the same model as the spears.
    -Fixed daggers making enemies invulnerable for non-FU users
    -Changed colour of Arachne lights to be less terrible
    -Changed eye design
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  9. Mannequin

    -Added Arachne Mannequin. Recipe unlocked by picking up webloom, for now. Crafted the same as the normal mannequin.
  10. Tiered daggers

    -Added new tiered daggers. Unlocked by (and crafted in) the webloom.