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Alchemical Reactions 1.2.5

Explore Alchemy within a Vanilla or Modded playthrough.

  1. Story Update 1

    Release 1.2
    [Story Update 1]

    Codex Forge
    [Chapters Three through Six Now Available]
    - Alchemy's Glory
    - Lethal Matter
    - Alchemy's Tragedy
    - Scientific Measures

    Prism Infuser
    [Increased Output Powder Amount to Two Each for most Prisms]
    - Kiris Bolis
    - Kiris Livis
    - Kiris Neosis
    - Kiris Pacis
    - Kiris Pryis
    - Kiris Saris
    - Kiris Shinis

    - Bug with Charis Powder not appearing in Alchemy Table/Lab should be fixed now (Let me know if it isn't).

    Update Notes:
    I wanted to push out the story update as soon as possible as many of you are lore-enthusiasts, unfortunately, I could only type up to the sixth chapter. There plans to be at least 12 main chapters, and 4 subchapters. Look forward to those!
    Along with the story, I increased the base amount of powders obtainable with the Prism Infuser.
    This change was to allow players to essentially obtain a nearly-endless amount of materials for potion brewing. The Shadow Potions cost more in the long run, however by that time, you should have enough tables and extra materials to self-sustain shadow potions.
    Regardless, This mod isn't suppose to be a grind from beginning to end. The only Prisms that did not get an increase are Catalis, Cryalis, and the default Kiris Prism. Catalis and Cryalis are too powerful on their own to give more than one powder per prism.

    Update Schedule:
    The next major update WILL be the Armory.
    It will come with a tier-selection and a choice to make. You will be able to craft a tier 4 weapon and increase its power up to tier 8 (maybe more if starbound does a tier 9-10 update).
    I wont give away any spoilers, but rest assured, I will be attempting to make more than just broadswords.

    I also know that the Codex names are clipping on the craft menu, and there is an over-extending page in Chapter 4. Those will be fixed in the next story update.
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