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Airlocks! v2

Making airlock doors useful since last tuesday!

  1. TheFloranChef
    Version: v2
    Thanks for this mod. Sometimes I need a a hatch that occupies an even number of blocks. Symmetry is important... :)
  2. Milindar
    Version: v2
    These hatches look very neat!
  3. Leithal--Weapon
    Version: v1
    Someone could make some sort of dam or something with these(also thinking might add some spice to some homemade dungeons. The ability to chain them together is really cool. It is definitely different than what Lazarus and Dunto are putting together so having both styles will be nice. Much appreciated thank you for making these and adding some love to the starbound community. The mod works perfectly I didn't have any issues with these doors. Oh and just for any dingbat who has problems with this mod remember this person did this for FREE on their own time and you should just click discussion and tell them what the problem is if you are going to put anything less than 5 Stars.
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      " click discussion and tell them what the problem is "
      Sadly, this point escapes some people.