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Active Stealth Module v1.62 (p1.2)

A person/plant/fish/etc-portable active cloaking system.

  1. Wellbott
    Become a whispered menace, sometimes heard but never seen. The Active Stealth Module cloaks you in a shroud of bent light, making you undetectable. NPCs and monsters will completely overlook your presence.

    There is an energy cost, which scales based on the light level and how fast you're moving. This can go negative, in which case you will gain energy. Crouching will drop the cost significantly, so much that you will always gain energy.

    Weapon use is disruptive to the cloaking technology, so you can pull off ambushes with a brief sneak attack bonus, but not kill everything with impunity.

    Visit the Tech Scientist in the Outpost to get the quest.

    Some tech details:

    Coffee seeds are out there to be found.

    Double-tap 'Up' to turn on/off cloak. Energy drain is 20+5% max energy per second. This can vary between -200 and 275%, depending on light level and speed/crouching.
    Using a weapon while cloaked breaks it for 2-8 seconds, depending on weapon type.

    ===>Please report any bugs in this thread!<===
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Patch 1.2
  2. Bug fix
  3. Update Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Feniter
    Version: v1.62 (p1.2)
    Its quite a good mod but we have issues on our crew member and other AI not spawning.
  2. aisenmeteor94
    Version: v1.62 (p1.2)
    cool mods btw..the only thing is i lost my crew..and only left with pixel and stuffs. not sure if other player also experiencing same issue as me..
  3. QnQ
    Version: v1.62 (p1.2)
    This disables from mobs spawning and only left there is their pixels and items. This needs to be fixed.
  4. lockclamp
    Version: v1.62 (p1.2)
    nice mod useful to trap
  5. Aer-ink
    Version: v1.62 (p1.2)
    I really like the idea but im not quite sure if I should be able to reemplace the other modules for this, maybe it should be body only?
  6. Crusism
    Version: v1.62 (Cheerful Giraffe)
    Do you want the secret of invisibility?
    Then... Take. Off. Your Clothes.

    Jokes aside,
    This mod really does what it says - adding an optional stealth mechanic into the game through the use of techs that's actually quite balanced in most occasions yet feels awesome every time you use it (either for combat or for just avoiding fights entirely) and, at the same time, doesn't feel useless due to having a reasonable energy cost. Ultimately, it is truly luxurious to be invisible - especially in that this mod adds variants of the tech to suit your needs (i.e. more damage or more stealth).

    To add - ironically, - this tech solves a few repetitive issues of the initial game itself - making the exploration element of the game much more bright rather than the worry of mobs poppin' at the back of your head.

    With that and how this mod is,
    I wish we have more tech mods like this - new techs that add in new mechanics to the game, adding new gameplay elements beyond (like previously during the Beta of Starbound before all those tech mods went outdated or unstable).

    There are only two issues with this mod that should or should not be fixed (depending on priorities):
    1. The opacity of the invisibility is too much to the point that, whenever you go invisible, your clothes are more invisible than you so you appear naked (depending on the colour of the clothes you're wearing) while having the invisible effect on you (which is funny at first you realise it but eventually gets old and makes you wish you can see your clothes).
    2. Boss fights and certain mission events reset when you go invisible midway (e.g. the boss goes back to initial position and heals back to full health and certain mission events are skipped altogether), which may or may not be annoying - depending on circumstances.

    Aside from these two issues,
    I love 'Active Stealth Module' very much in that it gave me new ways to experiment and joke around in the game, which often - whenever a mod enriches my experience in Starbound aesthetically or gameplay-wise - I give a 5/5 for.

    Then again,
    I usually only type reviews that I feel are worth a 5/5 - based on whether it's that 5/5 now or that it can be the 5/5 with more updates.

    Anyhow, many thanks to the modder for this! =)
  7. HSneak
    Version: v1.61 (Cheerful Giraffe)
    Splinter cell 2D, what to say more ?
  8. Arthur30
    Version: v1.61 (Cheerful Giraffe)
    Great i can finally be a gas ninja! :D
  9. lke24
    Version: v1.51 (Glad Giraffe)
    Slealth Gameplay is sooo much fun Thanks for making the mod
  10. Another Kevin
    Another Kevin
    Version: v1.51 (Glad Giraffe)
    Unfortunately, Characters that do not look @ you ALWAYS spot you when you get to close. This mod helps a lot in sneak-ish gameplay. Thanks for creating it !