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Outdated 03-K64 - 'Firefly' EK - 1.2

"Ship like this, be with you 'til the day you die."

  1. Ifrix
    " Midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64 - 'Firefly'. "

    "... You don't see the whole. The parts are crap, but you put it together you got a Firefly. Thing'll run forever they got a mechanic even half awake... Some people ain't lookin' for flash. She's a good catch."

    - - - - -



    Firstly to clear one thing I know a lot of hardcore fans will be annoyed about, yes the engine is in the wrong place. I was working off this image and mistook the Main Reactor for the Radion-accelerator core. There are also a few more discrepancies and cupboards/rooms left out.

    This is my first attempt at modding and (aside from a few Minecraft skins) my first attempt at pixel art.

    This project was started a while ago (15th Dec according to the files). Everything seems to have got in the way of it since then :p. I did most of it in between studying for and doing my Uni exams. After that I had to go back to my parents house for Christmas, which involved *shudder* socialising. Then I had a bit of a creative block (when I posted this). After that cousins came round for New Year. Since then I finished it (was mainly interiors needed doing at that point).

    Ifrix's Firefly - v1.2
    Starbound version Enraged Koala

    (instructions borrowed from DeadSquirrel's Firefly shipmod)

    1) Unzip contents into Starbound/mods/
    2) Create a new Human character

    The ship files work for other races too! Just rename the ships/human folder to the race of your choice.
    But! The Ship Chest will contain Human starter items. To fix:
    1) Inside the mod folder, open dropship.structure with a text editor.
    2) Search for the line:
    "treasurePools" : [ "humanStarterTreasure" ]
    3) Replace "humanStarterTreasure" with your race. ("avianStarterTreasure", "apexStarterTreasure", "floranStarterTreasure", "glitchStarterTreasure", "hylotlStarterTreasure")

    Ok! So ... to use an existing character on pc:
    1) We need to find the existing character's codename.
    • Load up the existing character in-game, then exit Starbound. (This way the existing character's files are the most recently saved)
    • Open Starbound/player/ in explorer and arrange the files by date. The most recently edited one should represent your character.
    • You should see sets-of-3 files with the same name, but different type: xxx.metadata, xxx.player, xxx.shipworld. Where "xxx" is an identical string of numbers and letters.
    • Make a BACKUP of these files. If something goes wrong, you can always paste the old files back.
    2) From here we have two options:
    A ) Human character: You can delete the .shipworld (Or cut and paste it somewhere safe). Starbound will automatically make that character a new ship from the startership files. Remember to move all the loot on your old ship into your inventory or onto a planet first. You can always replace the old .shipworld if you want your old ship back. (You did remember a backup, right?)
    B ) Non-human character:
    • Make a new Human character. Load the dummy-human in-game.
    • Now go back to the main menu. Load your existing character. Exit Starbound.
    • Open Starbound/player/ in explorer and arrange the files by date. The first 3-file-set is your existing character, the second set is the dummy-human with the ship you want.
    • Copy the first character's shipworld codename ("xxx.shipworld"), then delete the file. Now rename the dummy-human's shipworld with the codename you copied.

    • Keep up to date with Starbound versions
    • Take suggestions for changes
    • Make at least one variant of the ship
    • Animate engine?
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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  1. Wwolf655
    Version: EK - 1.2
    Beautiful ship! Will we be seeing a update soon?
  2. grahahaha
    Version: FK - 1.1
    Awesome ship mod! Looks real nice.
  3. VIcariousViking
    Version: 2014-01-04
    Great mod! True to the layout of the ship in the show (Mostly ;D) and very well made. The pixel art is lovely.


    I featured it in an episode of Starbound mod outpost where I show off a variety of unique ship mods!
  4. Finnya
    Version: 2014-01-04
    Beautifully and realistically
  5. tooclose
    Version: 2014-01-04
    this is pretty sweet. solid 2D Serenity
  6. dean
    Version: 2014-01-04
    This looks great.
  7. Boogy
    Version: 2014-01-04
    This looks very well done. As a ship modder myself (4 so far) i really appreciate fine work on the details. Since you're planning another version of the ship, maybe you'd want to consider scaling it to 130%-150% to be more spacious, it looks a little bid cramped to me, other than that it's great!
  8. NonBritGit
    Version: 2014-01-04
    All I can say is... Epic. Great jorb.