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Enhanced Storage 5.0

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. NeoVanAlemania


    Enhanced Storage is a quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.
    On the one hand it adds a lot of new features to the usablity of containers, and on the other it adds many new content concerning storage and containers.


    • Keep content
      • Stored items in a container will be kept inside after smashing.
      • Items from world generated containers can simply be picked up by smashing the container when the container was not opened before.
    • Increased capacity
      • The number of slots is increased and depends on the used area of each container to maintain the balance between small and large containers.
      • It is possible to increase the container space even more with an addon mod.
        For example: "Tech Chest": from 32 to 48 slots // "Ship Locker": from 100 to 120 slots.
    • Item sorting
      • Various general sorting options: rarity, type and name (followed by secondary sorting by rot time and count)
      • Pressing the sort button again toggles the priority of the general sorting (e.g. uncommon <-> essential)
    • Item searching
      • Just type your keyword(s) in the textbox, matches will be highlighted in a cyan border.
      • It is also possible to search by item category (grey text below item name).
        Use # at first to search by item category. (e.g. #food or #block)
      • The keysword(s) must contain a minimum of 2 characters of the searched item name for a successful match.
    • Quick stack
      • By pressing the button in the bottom left corner all items from the inventory will be transferred into the container if the same items are in it.
      • Currently equipped items (armor and items in hands), other containers and almost food (because different rot times) cannot be transferred.
      • On a server please do not use this button with multiple players at the same time to avoid item loss.
    • Rename & coloring
      • Possibility to rename a container.
        The font color can also be changed by pressing one of the buttons before type in the text.
      • Possibility to change the interface color to 10 different colors with preview.
      • Possibility to toggle the 'keep items after smashing' functionality on or off.
    • Sell values
      • The price of a container includes the price of all items inside.
        This can be used for selling only one container with content instead of selling every single item.


    • Capacity Level Indicators
      • Shows the current used slots of a nearby container.
      • While placing an indicator you can see the range where it scans for nerby containers.
      • Works with all containers in the game, even with containers from mods!
      • Interacting with an indicator (default 'E') changes the style, there are 9 available styles.
      • All indicators can be purchased from 'Neo', the npc next to the stations from Enhanced Storage.
    • Liquid Tanks
      • Can be used for storing liquids and shows the fill level at the object itself.
      • All vanilla liquids represents their liquid color in the tank, some of them additionally have a light glow.
      • Only one liquid type can be stored in a single liquid tank, other items going back to the player if added.
      • All liquids, even from Frackin' Universe are supported, unknown liquids from other mods using the liquid color from water.
      • The liquid tanks can be purchased from the new npc 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Capture Pod Cupboard
      • Can be used for storing Capture Pods and directly shows the preview image near the item slot.
      • The interface is optimized for Capture Pods and shows the images for all your captured creatures directly in the container.
      • It can be crafted in the Pet Station or can be purchased from the new npc 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Storage Matter
      • This new crafting material is used for all stations from Enhanced Storage.
      • It can be acquired as loot from slain monsters or from the Storage Matter Extractor.
    • Storage Matrix
      • Can be used for crafting all vanilla containers in one station.
      • Crafting a container requires Storage Matter.
      • A new tutorial quest, various S.A.I.L. messages and the main story introduce the player to the crafting station.
      • Can be found in the Outpost or can be purchased from the new npc 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Storage Matter Extractor
      • Can be used to "recycle" all kinds of containers to get back some Storage Matter.
      • The extracting process takes 2 seconds per container but the interface can be closed while processing.
      • The amount of acquired Storage Matter from recycling is random but the minimum amount is 1. The chance for getting a second Storage Matter is 50% and 10% for a third.
      • It can be purchased from 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Storage Manipulator
      • Can be used for modifying the slot count of containers.
      • Modifying a container requires Storage Matter.
      • Works with all vanilla containers and the ones from supported mods.
      • The required ingredients are calculated by the changed slot count, in contrast to the old slot count.
      • A new small quest from 'Neo' introduce the player to the new station.
      • Can be found in the Outpost or can be purchased from the new npc 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Shipment stations
      • Terramart Shipments (vanilla) still blasts produce with a value of 30% to the Outpost, but now supports items from other mods as well.
      • Terramart Shipments 2.0 teleports produce with a value of 30% to the Outpost, which means you can place it even in underground.
      • Enhanced Shipments blasts all goods with a value of 20% to the Outpost, Can only be used in open spaces.
      • Enhanced Shipments 2.0 teleports all goods with a value of 20% to the Outpost, which means you can place it even in underground.
      • The new shipment objects can be purchased at Terramart and from the new npc 'Neo' in the Outpost.
    • Vanilla objects turned into storage containers
      • Metal Barrel, Radioactive Barrel, Sewage Barrel, Toxic Waste Barrel, Bloodbank, Juice Keg, Sewer Tank, Glitch Bucket, Red Stocking, Crooked Stocking, Grand Ornate Bookcase, Huge Ornate Bookcase, Large Ornate Bookcase, Ornate Bookcase, Deprived Bookcase, Small Ornate Bookcase, Small Deprived Bookcase, Hylotl Store Shelf


    • A lot of containers from other mods are supported
      • Avali
      • Avali mannequin
      • Felins
      • Frackin Universe
      • MadTulips Spaceship Mod
      • Medieval Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • NekoGrills?!
      • Pixel Goods Store
      • Primitive Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • Print & Pack
      • Race - Munari
      • The Viera of Ivalice
      • Traditional Fridge and Mini Fridge
      • Tribal Fridge and Mini Fridge


    • This mod can be expanded with the Hoarder Addon mod
      • This is an addon and requires the main mod.
      • The capacity of storage containers is increased even more.
        (e.g. Tech Chest: 32 -> 48 slots, Lunar Base Crate: 64 -> 80 slots, Ship Locker: 100 -> 120 slots)

    Inside the downloaded archive there are two pak files. You can use both files if you want the addon mod, if you don't want the addon just do not use the [Addon] pak file.

    Big thanks to Afterwork Gaming for this great mod spotlight!​


    Simply copy the extracted EnhancedStorage_v2.3.pak file to your ..\Starbound\mods\ folder.

    The path should looks like this: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods\EnhancedStorage(StandardEdition)_v2.3.pak.

    If you want to use the addon just copy both pak files from the extracted archive.

    If you want to deactivate this mod in the future be careful with more items in storage containers than the vanilla ones! They will be gone after deinstallation of this mod if you don't backup them before.


    Do you have a problem with the usage or the installation of this mod?
    Do you want to report a bug or do you have other any questions?

    Please let me know it and use the Discussion Thread, not the reviews!

    Attention: Do not use a review for reporting a bug or a problem which is not discussed before! These reviews will be reported as abuse and will be deleted by the forum moderators always!

    Do you playing the game Anno 2070? Then visit us on our website about the giant modding project
    Anno 2170 - A.R.R.C.


    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. interface_preview.gif
    2. liquidtanks_preview.png
    3. animated_preview_1.gif
    4. animated_preview_2.gif
    5. animated_preview_outpost.gif

Recent Reviews

  1. xxbbbluexx
    Version: 5.0
    Super useful and add a little new mission :) all great.
  2. Kirbyroth
    Version: 5.0
    This mod come a long way from when I first downloaded it. All the new stuff very useful.
  3. ProShow
    Version: 5.0
  4. xaliber
    Version: 4.91
    Not just improving UI, but also gameplay too. Adds a number of convenient tool.
  5. Cloot
    Version: 4.81
    Very useful and simple mod. Small in size too!
  6. Ami-Chan
    Version: 4.81
    I've been using this beautiful mod since forever and I love that it's still getting updates. I seriously can't play Starbound without it anymore. Thank you thank you!
  7. ChronoHyperion
    Version: 4.8
    Thank you for creating the mod, very useful for players who wanted to hoard stuff into their chests like me. Keep up the great work. Have a brofist
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      Hehe, thanks for your review! :)
  8. AlissonShadowFox
    Version: 4.33
    I love this mod! Thanks for fix of error with double containers
  9. deeperman
    Version: 4.33
    This mod is the most useful of all the container mods!
    Special thanks for the correction of errors with double container
    P.S. I want to be a member of your team! I can draw animated objects to order
    P.P.S. sorry for my English
  10. FreeBound
    Version: 4.31
    Must have mod, quality of life