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Enhanced Rails 1.6.1

New tools and blocks to make rails more fun!

  1. More coaster

    3 New platforms: Inverted rail car hangs below the rail for you to ride in.
    Hydroponic platform waters crops underneath, and Rocket Platform fires barrages of homing missiles!
  2. Railcars!

    Added Railcars and Flame Platforms.

    Turn your rails into rollercoasters with rideable Rail Cars!
  3. Accelerator Hook and Adjustable Platform!

    Accelerator Hook: An upgrade maglev hook that builds speed on its own.
    Adjustable Platform: A rail platform that can be interacted with to change speeds. Double tap to pop off.
  4. Guard platform!

    Added the guard platform, a self propelled turret that follows rails and protects you from baddies! guardplatformfiring.jpg