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[IRC] New starbound ship

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by plaYer2k, Feb 12, 2013.

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[IRC] New starbound ship

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by plaYer2k, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. look what we got to see here :3


    Finally some room for all my stuff! yay :D

    Now lets paint it pink/green xD

    Okay i am some informations here we gathered in IRC so far. It will be Quotes and "subjective conclusions that might be true or not".

    <@Tiy> do you want to see a level 3 human spaceship
    <@Tiy> thats completely empty
    <@Tiy> I had like.. a dining room with fancy curtains in the bottom left
    <@Tiy> and some sofas with tvs in the adjacent room
    < JoshF> And do the ships go along with the threat levels? (1 through 10)
    <@Tiy> JoshF sort of, there aren't 10 levels though
    <@Tiy> every race has their own ships
    <@Tiy> i would show you, but theyre not in the game yet (though its not going to take long to add them, we're just doing other stuff)
    <@Tiy> and so any images would be "unlit"
    <@Tiy> and that looks ugly
    <@Tiy> but because our engine provides lighting
    <@Tiy> we dont draw lighting into the image, if that makes sense
    <@Tiy> and so they dont look anywhere near as good as they do in game
    [Later in an ongoing discussion about the human ships layout. Why the "rooms" look so similar and are ordered like that]
    <+Rho_> the reason it's like that is because the upgrades have to be modular, growing outwards from the starter ship
    List of facts (some are already known, others might be new)
    • each race has it's own ship layout
    • each ship layout has different "levels" (unknown number so far)
    • currently mostly the human ship is ready but other ships will follow, apparently the sprites are done for them aswell but they have to be fed into the system
    • the engine does provide the lighting (special mentioning)
    • First off the lighting since that seems to be the most logical and thus confusing fact about an engine. I dont quite get why it got mentioned in a special way that the engine draws lighting since every engine does that. But maybe the sprites and the effect of light on them through the engine will differ strongly compared to games like terraria, lets see ....
    • Rho's quote gave the impression that outgoing from your starting ship you can "upgrade" it - however that shall work, maybe buying or upgrading using resources like ores - using modules ind maybe two different methods.
      1. Place them like blocks one-by-one next to each other. So you can extend your current rooms like the starter ship with "one room left" and then extend "one room below" and "one room above" and for each of them on top and bottom get "one room left" so it yields the current ship.
        • This would require all rooms having either the same size or integral multiple so they still fit with each other.
      2. Have a system like a "grid" where you can unlock predefined "rooms".
        • This would allow asymetric rooms and uneven sized layouts but maybe force you to go move into one direction early.
    • Woohoo! New Pics!!
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      • What cool ship they have got there O-O
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        • On first look I threw up rainbows.
          On second look I thought of Star Trek.
          • Wow. Thats a nice looking ship :D
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            • I'm just gonna fill mine with boxes to give it a cargo ship feel.
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              • I still want a Borg Cube!
                Maximum efficency \o/
                • ill fillt with PETS :D
                  Cause iam a beastmaster bot
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                  • Pretty cool looking ship, I wonder if there are any referenced ships in the game yet. :p
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                    • Looks kind of like a Y-wing :p
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                      • JPK


                        This ship kind looks of ugly. Just look at shape. Non-aerodynamic!
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                        • Why would you need aerodynamics in space?
                          • I can't imagine what you would need all that space for.
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                            • :) <---is the face I made when I saw the picture.
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                              • Was just thinking the same, and I'm sure the similarity wasn't lost on the Devs when they were designing ;-)

                                • I wonder if we will be able to to make our own starships from pre-made modules - that would be great!
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                                  • Rekalty

                                    Rekalty Friend of the Night

                                    Oh, that's quite the upgrade. I'm glad it's not just adding rows to the shuttle but floors as well. Could use a neat futuristic elevator though, rather than a bland corridor connecting the 3 floors.
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                                    • Maybe you can build an elevator.
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                                      • Although it is not very beautiful, it is amazing! I like it. It is great that we can upgrade our ship like that.
                                        And big thanks for the OP for posting this picture here. It would be so sad to miss such a piece of information.

                                        Offtopic: I can't find that information now, but I am sure I read somewhere that players will have upgradable space station and a dropship. But from that picture I can assume that dropship is upgradable too. Did anybody see pictures of space station itslef?
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                                        • It's... awesome. :rainbow: Very cool. Looking very forward to different ship styles. ^^

                                          Where's Twaldo? :p
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