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    Well Alien is my favorite space movie of all time, Loved Aliens too. So I would like to see something kinda like a Xenomorph in game.

    How it could happen is you find a abandoned ship floating above a planet sending a distress signal. You get a goal to help the ship. Then you board the ship and its dark with emergency lights flashing and you go through a few rooms nothing happens then you have to fight off a horde of Xenomorphs, then you find a survivor, who acts strangely before dying and becoming a Xenomorph mini boss. Once you beat that you fight another horde, then your goal changes to Blow the ship up you fight your way to the engine/reactor room and The Queen is there with some normal Xenomorphs and once you kill her the Timer starts giving you a 3-5 Minutes to escape before the ship explodes no Xenomorphs or very little should spawn now. Your goal changes to escape.

    Once you board the ship you should respawn on the Ship instead of back on yours so you can stay on the quest, if you teleport back to your ship instead of doing it, a notice should pop up if you leave the Quest will reset then you select yes or no. The loot for this is a reward from the ships wreckage so the only way to get it is to survive the quest. Death during the count down results in a failure and no loot. The reason for this loot stipulation is to avoid being able to farm loot.

    Environment should be dark, creepy and a very large ship that could be considered maze like.

    Mobs: Grey Xenomorph, Black Xenomorph, Red Xenomorph (Miniboss) Queen (At least twice as tall as the others)
    NPC: Crazy Survivor

    Grey Xenomorph
    Spawn in Waves in certain Rooms on the ship
    Most common type (75%)
    Size Tall as Player half as tall when crawling
    Weak Attack Clawing Short range
    Low Health 1-3 hits to kill
    Medium speed walks on two legs or Crawls on all fours (Can crawl on walls and ceiling)
    Weakness: Fire 2x Damage
    Loot: 1-3 Hard Resin 0-1 Acid vial 0-2 Alien meat
    Special: Explodes into a cloud of acid on death dealing very low damage very short range (Pretty much standing on one at death)

    Black Xenomorph
    Spawn in Waves in certain Rooms on the ship
    Lower spawn rate (25%)
    Size Tall as Player half as tall when crawling
    Medium Attack Clawing Short range
    Medium Health 3-5 hits to kill
    Medium Speed walking fast speed crawling (Can crawl on walls)
    Weakness: Fire 2x Damage
    Loot: 1-5 Hard Resin 0-2 Acid Vial 0-2 Alien meat
    Special: Explodes into a cloud of acid on death dealing very low damage very short range (Pretty much standing on one at death)

    Red Xenomorph
    Mini Boss 1 Per ship/Quest
    Spawn when you find a Survivor (Survivor dies spawning the Mob)
    Size Taller than player by just a little
    High Damage Claw very close range, and medium to long Ranged Acid spit dealing Low Damage and adding a Damage over time effect doing low damage
    High Health 10-15 hits
    High Speed only walking/jumping
    Weakness: Fire 2x Damage
    Loot: 4-10 Resin 1-3 Acid vial 0-3 Alien meat Low chance at a weapon drop Rifle or Flamethrower
    Special: Explodes into a cloud of acid on death very low damage very short range

    Final Boss of quest
    Spawn in the Reactor room
    Size Twice as tall as player
    High Damage claw short range, Ranged attack tail whip Medium damage
    Very High health 20+ Hits
    Medium speed walking only
    Weakness: Fire 2x
    Loot: 15 Resin, 1-5 Acid Vial 0-5 Alien meat Low Chance at a Rare weapon any type, 1 Egg Trophy
    Special: Death kills all other Xenomorphs on screen, and creates a acid pool dealing low damage if standing in it.

    Crazy Survivor
    Random race looks kinda bloody or hurt
    Tells the player to stay back, then cries out in pain and dies turning into a Red Xenomorph

    Black and Grey: Hard Resin, Acid vial, Alien meat
    Red: All the above and a Ranged Weapon/Flame thrower Chance
    Queen: Rare Weapon, 15 Hard Resin, Egg Trophy to display your awesome power!

    Hard Resin is a crafting material that can be used to make weapons, armor and building blocks. The theme would be Alien like
    Acid Vial could be a single use Item to add damage to weapons adds a Damage over time dealing weak damage
    Alien meat, cook-able food.
    Ranged Weapon OR Flame Thrower, A rifle that shoots bullets or a weapon that shots a flame out doing damage, and adding a burning effect to anything not fire resistant.
    Rare Weapon Could be anything in the game weapon wise that is rare.
    Egg would be a Trophy you get for beating the quest only way to get it.

    A floating space ship or space station above a planet or moon
    Should be like a Dungeon or Special Quest area
    Dark with yellow/red lights flashing emergency style
    Audio should be suspenseful and creepy
    The death of the Queen causes the Reactor to go critical giving you 3-5 Minutes to get to a teleporter room to escape before explosion

    Teleporter room
    , the only room you can leave the ship. First area you come to. (Teleporting back to your ship or the surface will result in event loot coming back with you unless in this room) Always Safe
    Med Bay Near the spawn room, this is where you respawn if you die Always Safe
    Hallways just connecting the rooms together No spawns until after Cargo Bay 1 then 0-5 Xenomorphs
    Bunk room Location where the crew sleeps a bad should be here
    Cargo bay 1 The first fight is here should be near the Med bay but after the bunk room Medium sized attack 5-15 Flood into the room
    Mess hall Secondary ambush 7-15 Flood into the room
    Control Deck Crazy Survivor is here and the Red Xenomorph
    Cargo Bay 2 Large attack of 7-15 Xenomorphs
    Sub hallways Cramped hallways 1-3 Xenomorphs leading to the Reactor
    Reactor room Large room, Queen fights here timer starts on her death
    Escape Back track the level no Xenomorphs all about being quick making it out of the ship

    All the rooms should share a theme until Sub hallway and Reactor both of which should have Hard Resin looking theme to let you know your getting closer to the end. The theme should be Research like giving the theme that they were studying the Xenomorphs.

    The Ship should be unbreakable so you can't break into space, and you should be limited if you can place blocks here as it will explode when you beat it.

    Xenomorphs features

    • Grey and Black move faster when walking on two legs, however when crawling they gain the ability to climb walls and ceilings
    • Red Should move faster than Black and Grey
    • Queen moves slower than all but deals higher damage

    • Short range melee (All Xenomorphs) Speed is Quick but time between attacks is slow Damage scaled based on color Grey weakest Black medium Red does high and Queen deals a lot
    • Acid spitting (Red only) Medium long range fast moving use often if very far away, uses less often at medium range and closer Medium damage and maybe adds a Damage over time acid burn
    • Tail whip (Queen only) Medium range Uses often if in range High damage easy to avoid though
    • Upon death they explode into a lime green cloud that deals very low damage if standing in it
    • Queens acid pool does slightly more damage than the clouds but stays on the map until it blows up
    • All Xenomorphs are immune to acid damage
    • All Xenomorphs take double damage from fire
    • Grey Should be low health
    • Black Should be medium Health
    • Red Should have a high amount of health (Minboss)
    • Queen should have huge amount of health (Boss)
    • Grey have little to no armor damage reduced by 5%
    • Black have a little armor damage reduced by 7%
    • Red has a medium amount of armor damage reduced by 10%
    • Queen has a huge amount of armor and health damage reduced by 15-25%
    • Fire ignores all armor and deals double damage
    Notes: This would be a special event very rare and hard to find So some things might need regulated

    Foreseen issues
    A lot of work
    Copyright issues maybe not sure how this works
    Will have to limit player actions like teleporting, and mining/building for the event to work properly

    Feel free to comment suggestions and your ideas that are relevant to this topic. Feel free to criticizes but please provide constructive criticisms

    All visual information should come from science fiction movies based in space and the movies Alien and Aliens.
    Upon request I can post pictures, however I recommend you look into pictures of Xenomorphs and watch the movies to understand the ideas I am trying to get at. I really would like for you to come up with your own idea of how a pixel Xenomorph might look like.

    I'll try to answer any questions and fix any errors you point out.

    The idea I had was Zombies but they tend to be overplayed so I went with a different approach that would fit in and pay homage to an awesome series in my opinion.
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    Reserved for edits and credit found only on this thread

    @Elate Mob-type colonizing planets even the entire planet also added having a timed event to start a reactor (or other power source) to open a loot area that players must get to before the timer runs out to get loot, adding a alternative to the event creating more events off a similar one. Also added a note about hive like mobs

    @ProfessorPi Have a single Xenomorph like the first movie that is Super Tough, Fast and Strong, pretty much a boss fight.
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  4. Elate

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    While I would like to see a mob-type that colonizes by itself, and can cover a planet. The above post is correct, using xenomorphs straight from the films is both unoriginal and probably liable to get them sued.
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    Yeah I get Xenomorphs might be a a little to copy paste, but I'd like to see something similar to them, the whole colonizes taking over a planet idea isn't a new one but its pretty much impossible to come up with a 100% new idea. I used Xenomorphs because I love them, and people get a pretty good idea of what they are, what they do, and how dangerous they can be.

    Xenomorph aside do you think having an event similar to what I talked about in the post would be cool, and maybe after completing it, it unleashes them to take over planets so you could meet them in new locations. Other examples of things that do this (Halo's Flood, Dead Space's Necromorph, Mass Effect's Reapers to some level)

    Regarding Licensing Xenomorphs might be rather cheap to grab I mean name me two good Games with Xenomorphs in them, look the scores up I mean a 4 is high for an Alien game. Trust me I've played them all, and while I like them they are terrible games. Then again you could copy one name them something else and get rid of the acid blood new alien.

    @The5lacker Thanks for the input.
    @Elate Like the idea, I also noted that it might be an issue in my post, I don't know how much you can copy something before its liable, I do know what I posted would definitely be close enough to be sued, hence why I said that might be an issue, but my post got the point across to you perfectly that was something I'd like to see a colonizing enemy.
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    There is seriously nothing that can be utilized since the movies, books, and comics cover basically everything. However as long as you put it in your MOD that the species and ideas belong legally to the holders and that you're only using them as a form of fan fiction in a non-profit way you should be clear of legal liabilities and make sure you hand over the ARR in anything to do with them in downloads.. Now what would be cool to see is the Mala'kaks be put into use here as both a playable race and as a boss mob . On planets infested with aliens one could find old Mala'kak buildings and even ships like the original from Alien and end up fighting a good couple of them. The Xenomorphs on the other hand where the failed biological weapon of the Mala'kaks in some comics. So that being said, there is an idea waiting to happen. Not original but hey it's something.

    For those who got no idea who the Mala'kaks are.'kak

    Also I noticed you said "Alien" not Aliens. From one Alien fan to another, you may like this.
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    RULERULTAMIS Big Damn Hero

    Non copyright-violating-getting-CF-sued version?
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    Just don't pull a "Gearbox".
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  9. Elate

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    While I like the idea of timed events, I think limiting things like teleportation aren't really in the Starbound style. Perhaps having to activate a reactor to open the loot room could get around that, then you have a limited time to get there. Eitherway, I agree that colonizing/hive based enemies would be pretty interesting.
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    I have had a fight or flight type fear of the Alien series since I was very small. I think I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see. Running into a xenomorph, pixelated or not, may cause me to shut off my game and never come back. Because I'm a wiener.

    I like your scenario idea, because despite my accident prone childhood I do love horror (just not body horror). Could you put one of the many artists on this board up to the task of designing a new creature? I think that would be way cooler.
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    @ProfessorPi I do like Aliens better for the action, but I know Alien was a better movie, kinda wish they would remake them with todays special effects, but I doubt they could do them justice. Yeah I never got into the Mala'kaks to much but I have read the some of the comics about them and its nice to see a more devoted fan of the lore and story. I probably will end up buy a next gen console to play the new alien game because I've bought every single alien game to date, and I hope this one will be good, looks like it Love the whole One Alien idea and the survival horror idea just hoping its not to short of a game. I'm glad you know your stuff about liabilities and all that because I have no idea how that legal stuff works at all.

    @Elate I like the idea of turning the reactor on to get to the loot, could be an alternative to blowing the ship up, so the event could have a few different ways to play it out. I feel really derrrp now after playing the game more finding out you can't telelport if your inside something >.< so wouldn't need to limit that at all, just make a room that lets you teleport in and out but I would like to see a medical bay/ checkpoint room added to give the even more depth and give a little less punishment for death.

    @RespawnMachine I understand the fear of one of the most dangerous weapons in the galaxy, I saw the Movie IT at a young age and Clowns don't bother me to much anymore but for a while in my youth scariest thing ever oh the nightmares... which leads me to this idea Killer clowns from outer space.

    @RULERULTAMIS Not 100% Sure what your talking about. My ignorance is strong but I would like to hear your criticisms and opinion on the idea of the event and a mob that is similar to a Xenomorph.

    In case it wasn't clear in the original post I had only played starbound for about 30mins before posting my idea so some of the things I said are kinda pointless or irrelevant going to work on cleaning it up when I have more time and adding more info about the ideas. Thanks for your comments and feedback everyone.

    So just looked into the Gearbox lawsuit and I don't think that would have anything to do with the ideas above it was for false advertising because showing the game off they used things the were not in the final product. Which I think is stupid because they embargoed reviews so people couldn't see the difference before release, and in my opinion isn't a big deal The game was pretty bad but I did enjoy it even if it was different than what I saw in demos. A lot of games do this, just they let the people know the differences before release unlike Gearbox. Halo 2 E3 is a great example of how to do it right. But my point on this is they are sued because of false advertising of the game.
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    I wish I could get the next gen, but I lucked out as Creative Assembly IS making it for PC and PS3 which both I have, maybe the graphics will be a little odd for us last geners but as long as I get that player experience a LOT of people have been craving for I will be happy. After A:CM though I refuse to get hyped up since that ended up being a Copy Paste shooter with aliens. SO far the people who played the reviewers game said it seems like it's going to be too long of a game for being a horror survival, but we shall see. Rumors have it there will be a crafting system and lots of environment puzzles so maybe it can be stretched out.

    -Note, games like Killing Floor have an AvP mod along with a few other games.
    Gearbox ripped the idea of being swarmed by every other C0D style game out there, look at the fan favorite classic AvP and AvP2000 from back in the day, those creators took the idea from the famous Dark Horse Comics and books. So don't worry about a lawsuit if you're going to make a mod that gets people attacked by Xenos. Just make sure you include this in the mod files and on the forum so that way if some pissy prick who's idea you stole to make a kickass mod can't try to report you. Also this is jsut for Aliens, I never got into AvP even though I like the Predator as a character itself, it's just not as scary.--

    This is a Fan fiction game modification that will not be endorsed nor profit in any financial way.
    All Copyright material belongs to 20th Century FOX including sound effects, characterization, and history.
    Based on Characters by:
    Dan O'Bannon
    Ronald Shusett

    IF you want to use any of the Alien Series music-
    Original Composed music is not mine. Music is by Jerry Goldsmith (1)
    James Horner (2)
    Elliot Goldenthal (3)
    John Frizzell (4)

    ALSO if you plan on using the original skins and textures for the hive don't forget good ol H.R. Giger's artwork for them.

    Now that that is covered, if you do go into making this mod there may be some fun things you can do, like world generated "Hives" that could be deep underground or on Engineer Ships that may be infected. If you want to go AvP with it, just do what the newest AvP did in a wrap up. But the best thing you could do is make a boss mob based the soul on the original Alien that we all feared. 8 foot tall, fast as fuck, and is basically a one hit wonder to make the players go "Aw shit not this guy" right before they die and then they rage quite because it's just too tough to take down xD.
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    I do like the idea of having one super powerful alien, fast high damage, intense as possible, but I feel it wouldn't be too fun to the type of Game Starbound is, hence the reason I went with the Aliens style of Xenos. Although that being said it would be cool to have a this as the event that triggers my above idea, beating the first Xeno would cause a trigger to allow the other Xenos to spawn. This could be good and bad, as you could avoid it never experiencing the Xeno's at all, and have that work kinda wasted, but at the same time people who don't want them could be happy just avoiding them, but then Multiplayer might become a problems with this so it could be a bad idea to have it as a trigger event.

    Predators always seem to get all the love, I think the AVP stuff is really bad, I like the story a little, how they hunt the Xenos but its poorly done.

    I am probably one of the worst artists and programming wise I wouldn't know how to make an item let alone a mob/event so Thanks for helping this thread out with pictures.

    If some with the skills to make this a mod does take interest that would be amazing and I would be very grateful.
  14. ProfessorPi

    ProfessorPi Space Spelunker

    yeah I lack the ability to program, in game building I can do, but none of the hardcore spriting stuff. And I agree that preds get more love than the xenos, the storyline of how they both came to be makes no sense since it excludes a lot of the Engineers and isn't even cannon. Best thing I can think of is ask around on the forum for an experienced spriter who would like to be part of a project like this, maybe even ask around on the AVP Galaxy forum.
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  15. Elate

    Elate Spaceman Spiff

    While I haven't done any hardcore spriting for a while, and the coding is currently unfamiliar to me (Though I have worked in LUA before) I might eventually give something like this a shot. At the very least, I'd like to make a new mob/dungeon set (like the sewer dungeon with unique mobs) for a sort of hive minibiome, and crashed ship kinda stuff.

    At the moment though, I have an assignment due in for tomorrow, so I kind of should probably start work on that.
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  16. ProfessorPi

    ProfessorPi Space Spelunker

    Elate if you'd like some help with textures or anything I can do some digging for cannon textures depending on what you're wanting to go with IF you decide to do anything in support of this idea., or do you plan on making your own form if you do this?
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  17. Elate

    Elate Spaceman Spiff

    I would make my own form if I did this, just to avoid any possible copyright infringement. Thank you for the offer though.
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  18. inowayi

    inowayi Void-Bound Voyager

    If you can I would greatly like to see what you could do making your own Xeno style, If you have time I'd like to submit a request for you to try and make one, doesn't have to dead on in fact I'd prefer to see what your retention would look like. If you don't have time thats understandable I might go into paint and see what I can do, but I doubt I'll make anything good enough for me to post.

    Not really sure on the Predators lore at all other than they like to Hunt challenging Prey.

    But anything added to this thread for the mob/event idea would be sweet even if it drifts over to a more hive/colonizing mob, anything to add to this game is a plus. Wish I was more useful so I could do a fanfic mod for Xenos though.
  19. ProfessorPi

    ProfessorPi Space Spelunker

    Just keep searching around for people. If the mod gets on it's feet with people behind you then you'll have something, just be sure to give credit where it's due. If you want to use your own textures btw utilize GIMP, it's free and don't take much to learn. Let me know how far things get and if it comes to the point of lore/event planning I can help in that area. In the meantime I shall be following the thread and give input when needed. I can advise what to put in if you guys/gals decide to go with original sounds/textures in order to avoid anything legal. On that note I am in the mood for some Alien3 EMUlator. have a gooday!
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    Credit is given trust me I have been in projects where you don't get credit when its due, and I understand that pain. I can't even take credit for the idea as I put a little of my spin on it, but most of it was ripped from the Movie.

    The main goal of this was just to spread one of my favorite things to a great game if someone gets a hold of this with the know how to make it they can have all the credit I as a fan just want something like this in the game. If someone does make a mod I'd gladly help advertise if in the community and on social networks. Even if its just art work would gladly spread the word to get more support and backing.

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