Bug/Issue (Xbox One)Host Coop Connection Failure and Farm was Deleted from Coop Menu

Discussion in 'Support' started by TCBryanTCB, Feb 21, 2020.

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    My friend and I were playing online multiplayer Coop and during the end of day save a message stating connection failed popped up. When I closed out of the connection failed message I was sent to the main menu. I tried to relaunch the coop farm by going to the coop menu and hosting again but the farm save file is now completely gone.
    So I tried relaunching the game, downloading stardew again and trying to resync the save data stored on the console and my Xbox live profile.
    After doing so, I had no luck. The farm is still gone and I am wondering if I can get it back somehow?
    Or if this issue is known? Or if there could be something done to prevent this from happening so I don’t have to be afraid of starting over?
    Any feedback is acceptable.
    I am also curious to see if anyone on Xbox is having the same issue?

    Wonderful game and I love that it is still being tended too!
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      I had the same issue, if by any chance you still play the game try going to your load game screen for the single player mode if you have a blank save there showing no name on the file load that up. It might be your co-op save load it up then go to bed to save it and exit, it should be back on your co-op save list

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