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    I will fully and freely admit the following work was NOT don't by me but by the talents of Andre Kent from http://2d-dungeon.com/ . I was luckly enough to manage to get one of his open slots and he agreed to draw two characters I commonly use in a RP server. I enjoyed the pictures so much I wished to share them with the rest of my fellow Starbounders. So without further ado I present to you the Glitch Overlord Dragcun and Hyotl Glipper plus a little info about them.


    Large 7'8 foot tall Glitch who has sworn to free his people from what he sees as complete enslavement by the Hivemind.

    Hyotl Mercenary who was experimented on by Apex scientist in a attempt to make Super Soldiers, third eye was lost due to those experiements.
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    The two pieces of art is overflowing of badassery!
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    Damn those look badass as hell! His style sort of reminds me of gonzo in a way.

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