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Dev Blog Witchmarsh: Daily Update #89

Discussion in 'Developer Updates' started by Flapdoddle, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Flapdoddle

    Flapdoddle Witchmarsh Developer Developer

    Just time for a quick update this week.

    This week’s progress (so far):

    • Auto-generate party code and player naming fixed (again). Game Maker was reading the external files incorrectly, so we decided to port them to an in-game database.
    • 1 new readable book item added.
    • More planning (it never ends).
    • (Joe) 2 cutscenes polished with animations, camera functions, and effects. This took up most of our time, but it's definitely worth it.
    • Added and tested some new placeholder sound effects.
    • (Joe) Reduced the size of the Scribe’s gigantic head (in portrait pictures).
    • (Joe) Improved cutscene functionality, adding camera zooming (!), shader effects, embers and glows. Some minor tweaks to the AI, minor bug-fixes and tidying up.
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