Will Wargroove be Coming to Mac?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chuckchuk, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Chuckchuk

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    I have Wargroove for the Switch, but the only way that one of my friends is going to purchase this game is if it's for mac, since he doesn't have a Switch. I feel like you're loosing out on potential buyers. So are there any plans to port to mac?
    • Shubeans

      Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

      Heya, we actually shadow launched on Mac on Friday. It is not officially supported, and any bugs or issues you come across may not be fixed as immediately as steam, however it is out there.
      If your friend runs into any problems please let them know they can contact us and we can help as much as we can, it also helps us for when we work on an official mac release :p
      • Dragonnitez

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        Hi! I've been playing WarGroove on steam between my windows desktop and my macbook for a week and it has been freaking awesome! (imagine my surprise when I saw it on my game library on my macbook) It works practically flawlessly on MacOS. My only issue is, when wargroove is running, I am unable to do the three finger swipe to other 'desktops' running on my mac, plus if I closed my lid and put my macbook to sleep, I am unable to type in my password to unlock my mac (the game seems to stop the input from my keyboard from being read). Lucky for me, I have an apple watch which unlocks my mac when its nearby. Just providing feedback!
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        • Shubeans

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          I KNEW THIS WAS REAL!!!

          I kept getting this when testing, and I had no idea if I was imagining it, or if it was something going on with my Mac.
          Thank you.
          Ahmygawd, now I can log it and feel sane again.

          As for the three finger swipe, I'll look into that now for you and pass it on the Mac dev :)
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