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RELEASED Wild Things

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Armed Mosquito, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Thanks I am not sure how I let that by me I will probally give some more time before patching it however later today I was
    From the Survivalist Table under the Camp Craft section the far left button on the survivalist table. :)
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  2. Draekrio

    Draekrio Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You seem to have accidentally created a circular issue, the survivalist table itself needs twine and wooden poles to craft so that we can get a survivalist table to craft twine and wooden poles.
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  3. MikeAnomaly

    MikeAnomaly Yeah, You!

    What Drakrio said.
  4. MrMayorBatman

    MrMayorBatman Master Chief

    I'm Having trouble getting the Materials for the Survivalist table...I can't figure out how to get any Rolls of Twine...A Lil' Help?
  5. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Once you create the Survivalist Handbook in the in game basic crafting menu by pressing "c" in game. You will start the quest which will give you your first Survivalist Table as a reward more importantly it will give you a guide to rest of the basic features of the mod. I understand this is a bit confusing now for some who want to just craft the table without the quest so I am going to fix it up. But once you do have the Survivalist Table you will unlock Twine, and Wooden Poles which can be crafted from A) Basic Crafting :cool: Camp Craft on the Survivalist Table and there should be no issues right now on receiving the quest at least that I am aware of.

    Rest assured this whole mess with creating the Survivalist Table will be smoothed out, I am just not 100% certain on the best approach just yet. Sorry I didn't teach Twine and Wooden Poles by default this is a last resort by the next update.

    Anyone still have issues can spawn the items in they need by using the commands below..
    /spawnitem wt-twine
    /spawnitem wt-woodenpole

    if you prefer to just spawn your self the table try /spawnitem wt-survivalisttable.

    Finally that all being said I am coding up a wikia for Wild Things it works very much like Starbound wikia where it will tell you the source, recipe, what the item unlocks, etc etc.
  6. MrMayorBatman

    MrMayorBatman Master Chief

    Thank you alot! And by the way this is a GREAT MOD! One of the better ones I've seen in a while! I can'y wait to see what you do in the future with this mod and maybe different ones!
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  7. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Thanks a bunch :) I just wish there was more time in one day!
  8. Hatsya Souji

    Hatsya Souji Parsec Taste Tester

    I played with this mod, but I think I recommend you to replace the Roll of Twine from the Survivalist Table recipe with at least 5 plant fibers for a start, since I'm not yet able to craft one from any crafting table I made before it.
  9. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Please see two post up :) I have made this were once you get the table via the quest which anyone can get the quest with the Survival Handbook to start them at the very least I also listed some commands to spawn in the required items. You can expect this to be 100% resolved next update sorry for the inconveniences your having. :(

    If you need any more assistance feel free to send a reply.

    To be certain these changes are added I just made the changes now as follows below, anyone have any thoughts on this process or do you feel the recipe should be different for the Survivalist Table all suggestions are welcome!

    Crafting Changes in version #0.0.8b
    • Plant Fibre and the Survivalist Table will now unlock Roll of Twine which can be crafted from the Basic Crafting Menu or Survivalist Table.
    • Crafting a Survival Handbook will now unlock Roll of Twine and Wooden Poles.
    Quest Changes in version #0.0.8b
    • You will start the Tutorial Quest Series once creating your first Survivalist Table. The other option is to save up your pixels to unlock the quest Surviving this Universe and receive a Survivalist Table without much effort.
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  10. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    I just noticed the Survival Handbook is not giving the quest as I expected! I am going to release a fix today for this before moving into the next major update thanks everyone for posting about these issues or they may have gone unnoticed for a minute!
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  11. Vampiz

    Vampiz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Added the mod to my game, created a new character, but when I press 'c', I don't see the handbook anywhere.
  12. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Hello Vampiz

    You are right, in that version you have now its named Surviving this Universe thats going to change very soon today that is just getting much as I can but its a pretty major mistake a bigger mistake I found is that it gives the wrong quest your best bet would be to spawn the survivalist table in using the information up above. Once its fixed up it will be as simple as creating the book as intended which you can find information here I just added to help everyone its current info this page. Shows a screenshot and more information on the book itself. I figure I will have this all resolved and more within 4-5 hours.

    As always sorry to you and everyone for this inconvenience I'm trying to iron out all of these silly bugs that mess up the actual game play.

    View current change log for #0.0.8b,

    I am close to that release I mentioned hours ago past my deadline I set I am very terrible at that! Anyhow I wanted to make sure I got more then was reported so I gave it a quick power play making sure things feel right as you progress through the new Tutorial Quest Series recently added.

    I have caught many bugs and even a couple of other types of things that make this next update very worth the download!
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  13. Vampiz

    Vampiz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Got new update, still nothing in the crafting menu? Either I'm doing something wrong or there are still a few bugs to work out.
  14. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    It seems to be working fine for me its in the Basic Crafting menu by pressing "c" in game. Its on the last button aka other. Listed with the rope and bandages theres a book Survival handbook for 275 Pixels. Or if you don't want the tutorial you can just gather Plant Fibre and Full Wood to unlock the ingredients to craft it without the quest. I do recommend checking the quest though as I did try and explain the tables etc throughout the series of quest.

    Wild Things version #0.0.8b

    It adds {"op":"add","path":"/defaultBlueprints/tier1/-","value":{"item":"wt-survivalhandbook"}}, to player.config so all players by default should have this unlocked.
  15. Vampiz

    Vampiz Pangalactic Porcupine

  16. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Do you see the new title screen under Starbound on your title screen it should show "Loaded With - Wild Things Version #0.0.8b"?
  17. Vampiz

    Vampiz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Got it now, I think the trouble was I made a folder for the mod called WildThings, after I deleted the folder and just put the modpak files in, it seems to be working.
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  18. ForgivenStar

    ForgivenStar Void-Bound Voyager

    So going off of what was happening in my and Incredipede's review, I don't know if Incredipede messaged you back or whatever.

    Our server only crashes when doing the mission in YourStarboundCrew for finding the hunter (We didn't get to test the future missions because it was crashing, so we didn't get to progress). Though after removing your mod from the folder, it did stop crashing and we were able to continue on like normal with no problems.

    There isn't anything stating what is crashing inside the starbound.log Only thing it says is Access Violation. Tried a few things with giving admin and running in compatibility mode, didn't work.

    This is about all we got, and we really hope you can get the mod to work again with YourStarboundCrew, as we really enjoy this mod a whole lot for what we got to use :).

    Edit: I went into singleplayer by myself with the mod and got a different scenario. It removed me from the mission and put me back onto the ship. Again though, it only happened when your mod was installed at the time

    Here's the starbound.log

    Attached Files:

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  19. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Thanks ForgivenStar,

    That was a good find and great .log of information for me to see what was going on. Am I right in assuming you get sent to an arctic biome when Starbound Crew sends you out on the mission? Because if so this fix should resolve the issue quite easy. It appears I had a typo in the file it was looking for a spawn group named a "wt-artic" and the spelling should have been "wt-arctic" this is I believe the reason you crashed as it was trying to spawn the group profiles for that spawn group but couldn't find it due to that typo. Make sense right?

    Anyhow I am uncertain fully still if that was exactly the problem but ither way so far from that log thats what I see to be causing this. Future refrence if you see errors related to anything with wt- infront its 99% a Wild Things error. Although of course I have gotten many error access denied issues myself and they get tricky :p

    Big big thanks I really do hope this will be the proper fix to get you back and running! Sorry you encountered a game breaking issue like this but you perhaps saved many others or saved me if nothing else :)

    If you would like I can directly send you a link to the fix and if you approve it I will make the hotfix release for everyone to start avoiding this major issue.

    Version #0.0.8c - HOTFIX,
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  20. ForgivenStar

    ForgivenStar Void-Bound Voyager

    We'll definitely try it soon :D Thanks a lot for the great support, I'll update this post later on our results :)

    Edit: Works just fine now! We'll let you know if anymore bugs come up with future "YourStarboundCrew" missions :) But hopefully it shouldn't. Thank's a ton for the support.
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