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RELEASED Wild Things

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Armed Mosquito, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Hello @Ishrindor ,
    Snares work by placing them on ground right now they basically work by time, and sometimes you will catch something quicker then other times. They also use different treasure pool techniques for different loot from the different traps currently in Wild Things. I was considering re doing there set trap time, as some take longer then 3 day cycles. Simply put they act like farmables do currently, magic is in the loot and later in the way I pull the recipes together and techniques for harvesting. Sorry there's not to much fancy lua magic yet, just havn't found the need right away.
  2. Ishrindor

    Ishrindor Cosmic Narwhal

    Ah ok.
    I placed two traps the paiute deadfall trap and the fling snare trap and forgot about them.
    Came back to where I placed them and they had something in them.
    I thought they caught the pig and the fox type creatures instead of something random.
  3. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Well its more like some snares wil catch small game, some snares medium game, and others large. I did it like this because I figured just as in real life you cant always be certain what you will catch even when setting in on a track. One of the things I will be working on next is various loot from the monsters found from this mod animal harvest parts like pelts, leather, teeth, skulls, all sorts of things you can use and harvest. So right now it might feel a little bland trapping but I feel as the mod makes progress and fills up with content so will the need to trap over say manual mele or bow hunting.

    Just some perspective snares using snaring lines would basically be weaker considerably then a wire snare. These types of things I am trying to consider while setting these traps up. And from a code point of view I got all my loot systems working in play I basically just need to add some stuff to there tables maybe some re arranging. I will make an effort to spice up the loot from trapping for the next update thanks for your feedback on it :)

    Any thoughts on trapping more I would love to hear what you all think does this feel right or wrong to you?

    I plan to do much more on quest, and selling stuff for money as a trapper would for a living in real life waiting on these new fancy merchant interfaces to buy and sell!
  4. Ishrindor

    Ishrindor Cosmic Narwhal

    What I would like to see, and I'm not sure if it's in the mod, is a drying rack.
    Where you can dry meats so you can have jerky, cause it's a good food for any survivalist.
    And this mod makes the game feel more like a survival style game, just in space.
  5. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Yes there is actually a category for preserved foods jerky in the mod currently. By building yourself the jointing kit to debone the wildthing carcass then a butchers block table you can debone and prepare you carcass theres more things to be released in this category to rather then just smoked meats you will be able to do things like jellies, smoked fish, etc preserved "stuff". Also plan for more cooked foods using the new ingredients I introduce. A fish de boner will allow you to turn your caught fish into raw fish also just keep that in mind next time you hop in game with the mod.

    Let me know if you need assistance doing anything or it doesnt seem right I like the the idea you had heres a upcoming feature list for #0.1.0
  6. Mahiaga

    Mahiaga Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    In the "Wild Things - #0.0.7a - Gameplay Update" you note that:

    "Butcher Saw is now learned after you receive, or craft Butcher Block Table."

    Um.... The recipe to make the Butcher Block Table requires 1 Butcher Saw to make, so if we don't learn the recipe for the Butcher saw until after we make the Butcher Block Table.... <scratches head in confusion>

    Also, when you're talking about "saplings", I'm starting to get the idea that you're not actually referring to the saplings that you can collect from regular, fully-grown trees that are used for the replanting of said trees. Is this correct? If so, what exactly are we looking for? While I've found plenty of little pigs and red foxes on my starting world, I have no idea what I'm looking for when it comes to the saplings that you're talking about. I went all the way around my starting world until I arrived back at my camp without seeing anything new other than the little pigs and foxes. I cut down large swaths of trees and collected many of the saplings/seedlings from them, but couldn't figure out how to turn those into twigs. Gah! I'm so tired, lolz, I'm just repeating myself now, I think.

    Anyway, any light you could shed on my confusion would be very welcome! And thank you for this really cool mod! I've been playing with mods that have added more science to the game, and now I'm looking forward to really taking off with this back-to-nature-y mod. :) Oh, and I use FrackinUniverse and haven't had any compatibility issues with it, either, for the record. :up:
  7. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex


    First of many thanks for pointing some of these things out to me I wasn't actually aware of my new changes causing some issues for crafting the butcher block table, your confusion makes total sense I would have been to on that one. I will fix up the progression for the butchers block table all together now that this is noted. Now when it comes to saplings there are trees that are small that grow randomly on forest, and lush biomes for this time these are the only two to find them. Now they work like farmables so you should find them scattered around, if your playing an old universe file then its likely they will not be grown on your previous planets but if you search a new forest or lush biome you should find some. They are short newly growing trees, shorter then average. They actually have nothing to do with sapling tree drops from starbound vanilla, however I might add a recipe for saplings by collecting the normal tree saplings from starbound. Makes sense right what do you think about that?

    When I get the big update finished "Back from Space" I will be sure to release a few how to videos, once more I appreciate the feedback it really helps me shape the mod up much quicker, thanks Mahiaga!

    I should have a new release of Wild Things with the previous things mentioned in the above post fixed up and ready for use. What other areas confuse you in Wild Things? I would love to hear all of your thoughts!

    Also those of you who wish avoid these confusing areas for the time being can type,

    /spawnitem am_sapling
    /spawnitem am_butchersaw
  8. Mahiaga

    Mahiaga Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Many thanks for the quick response! I was just coming back to post something new when I saw that you'd replied to my first post, heh. I went to a forest planet that I hadn't yet visited and there I found the tiny-tree saplings that you were talking about, so I've got that covered now. Your idea to add a recipe for saplings by collecting the normal tree saplings is a really good one! Since the saplings/seedlings are so plentiful, maybe make it so that you need 20 or more of them to make one sapling of the type in your mod? I don't know if that number is too small or too large, to be honest. I also appreciate the spoiler you gave for getting the saw. It will make it so I can continue to make progress and enjoy your mod even more. :)

    I haven't found anything else confusing so far, but then I was only just getting started with the mod when those two issues came up. I'm really excited to find out what more I can do as I progress along with the questing. I killed a fish and right away got the quest for the fish de-boner, but haven't yet made it back to my homeworld camp to make it. That's next on my to do list (if I can tear myself away from the current world, with all its creatures to hunt for meats and feathers!).
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  9. Ishrindor

    Ishrindor Cosmic Narwhal

    The saplings from this mod can be obtained via completing a quest, which is the snare one.
    As for the butchersaw it takes steel to create so I'm going to wait to see if that item is in the steel category.
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  10. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    I just gave some more test runs to feel things out for the butchering meat, and cooking and I have decided the quest and some things around those lines need much improvement. So I have decided to write a new quest line up for hunting that will teach the player about hunting wild things and using there meat for benefits also feel the quest line in that direction will make for much better game play I missed this last update but I will get on that right now.

    Google Docs of New Quest Line,

    NOTE: These quest are being written before being coded to make a quest line that makes more sense in the end. This being said many of the quest in this page may change at any time without notice.

    Also this might be released with version #0.1.0 to ensure it works properly as its rather a large quest line, intended for new users of the mod. This will be the in game guide if it goes well.
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  11. Ishrindor

    Ishrindor Cosmic Narwhal

    I like the idea of making a pocket knife.
    My one question on it is, will the pocket knife be needed to work the meat and other materials in the mod?
    I.E. using it to make the parts for the snares.

    Though I'm just wondering.
  12. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    To help answer the question I released some undocumented plans straight from the whiteboard. But to answer you directly the knife will rather be used as a hunting tool as I am limited to some things still. I did want to create durability eventually for the hunting weapons so I can make some for special purposes or some to be limited usage. However without some custom new lua to introduce new working code to the game I cannot do that sadly. So as much as I would love to make it a tool to harvest plants, and for even creating snares; I just cant right now due to modding limits. But when I get alot of the basics in place which I feel things have been going in the right direction, I will then be able to focus on improving some things using lua.

    If anyone reading though feels comfortable making .sword files have durability parameters such as a "copperpickaxe.miningtool" has I would be happy to credit you for the help on making it possible. Perhaps also anyone able to craft some trap detection techniques via lua these would be very helpful and nice additions for the mod.

    Simply put, the way this new system will work is basically the same however it will give me more options to use with hunting weapons. To get to the point I will avoid explaining the old system and skip to the new changes upcoming. This new system will allow you to use things like a hunting knife to quarter, and harvest the animal. The carcass will no longer be needed with these new changes as you will now receive parts of the animal rather then animal in whole. Giving you more options in the end to decide how you choose to survive.

    Some upcoming features for #0.0.8,
    • New looting system and new loot options for this mod..
    • New Trophy Loot tables for each specific monster, the trophy loot will exist for the next update but will not be fully usable just yet. Trophy items will be explained more when the time comes, still on the drawing board for these items.
    • A better animal harvesting system for things such as hearts, lungs, kidney, sinew, etc..
    • Hunting weapons will sometimes be good for gathering other harvestables, or meat, even leather!
    • New fishing looting system, junk will drop more without a proper fishing spear. The better quality fishing spear the better quality your catch and less chance to catch pure junk.
    The above features give the mod many new looting outlets, this change will make hunting weapons much better now, it will also revamp the way you gather animal harvestables.

    Just keep in mind these above features as of this last threads edit time can be updated and are only posted here as the highlights of the next version to be released. Spot a bug not found on the "Known Bugs" list? Report it here please, or ask away..

    Lastly if you would like to share an idea or report an issue for the mod this forum thread is the right place.
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  13. andy715

    andy715 Space Hobo

    My Game keeps crashing when i get to launcher than press launch game it opens then crashes say re open i re open then it crashes again
  14. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Please send me your starbound.log file when you last tried opening my mod, the two mods I support you should know ahead of time are Questlog and Wild Things. I will be happy to point out issues I see in the log however, but I have not heard of this happening just yet. I will download the latest version #0.0.6b to confirm. Hope we are able to figure out the issue at hand don't forget I need that log file to understand whats causing problems the entire .log is best.

    If it happens to be an issue with compatibility I will be sure also to fix it up for the next update so it will be a great report if you spotted a compatibility issue, another reason having the entire log will be best rather then the actual error.

    Just to confirm I have downloaded the version up now, the latest. Downloading the latest zip says its #0.0.7 but its actually #0.0.7A the .modinfo file states an earlier version which I find this annoying to update you can ignore that also. I can confirm the latest version is up and I haven't yet spotted a crash using both questlog, and wild things both are .modpak files.

    Anyhow besides all that I can't figure out the crash you are experiencing without that log, sorry hope I can help you figure out the issue.

    NOTE: This mod is currently used developed on and for Stable or aka may 8th update Spirited Giraffe
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  15. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Found a problem. When visiting ocean worlds, if you cut down the coconut trees, the world crashes.

    It isn't all the coconut trees, but most of them with brighter colors do. It isn't when they are cut, it is once they have fallen, and go to generate the seedling, then it freezes, and crashes the world. I end up back on the ship, and when I beam down, the wood is there, but no sapling or coconut. Hope this helps solve the problem.

    Here is the log.

    Start logging at: 2015-06-01 22:57:36.049
    [23:00:33.580] Info: Chat: <server> Admin privileges now given to player Chiaki Binnie
    [23:00:48.113] Info: UniverseServer: Creating celestial world -67193221:-652505743:-258595540:5:6
    [23:01:00.008] Info: UniverseServer: Stopping world CelestialWorld:-67193221:-652505743:-258595540:5:6 due to inactivity
    [23:01:00.108] Info: UniverseServer: World thread has stopped due to inactivity, removing world CelestialWorld:-67193221:-652505743:-258595540:5:6
    [23:02:00.378] Info: UniverseServer: Loading celestial world -67193221:-652505743:-258595540:5:6
    [23:02:00.831] Info: Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
    [23:02:10.822] Info: UniverseServer: Stopping world ClientShipWorld:ca3bd13a2aad892b7c5b1ae846e24960 due to inactivity
    [23:02:10.922] Info: UniverseServer: World thread has stopped due to inactivity, removing world ClientShipWorld:ca3bd13a2aad892b7c5b1ae846e24960
    [23:02:12.810] Error: WorldServerThread exception caught: (JsonException) No such key in Json::get("item")
      _Function_handler<void (shared_ptr<Entity>), WorldServer::update()::{lambda(shared_ptr<Entity>)#3}>::(_Any_data, shared_ptr<Entity>)
      EntityMap::forAllEntities(function<void (shared_ptr<Entity>)>)
    [23:02:12.811] Info: UniverseServer: World thread has stopped due to an error, removing world CelestialWorld:-67193221:-652505743:-258595540:5:6
    [23:02:12.811] Info: UniverseServer: Loading client ship world ClientShipWorld:ca3bd13a2aad892b7c5b1ae846e24960
    [23:02:13.811] Info: Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
    [23:02:24.043] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [23:02:24.047] Info: UniverseClient: Client disconnecting...
    [23:02:24.104] Info: Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
    [23:02:24.320] Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Chiaki Binnie' <1> (local) disconnected
    [23:02:24.420] Info: UniverseServer: World thread has stopped due to inactivity, removing world ClientShipWorld:ca3bd13a2aad892b7c5b1ae846e24960
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  16. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Many thanks for the report, I would have missed that one for sure! Anyhow that is fixed thanks to you spotting it, which lead me to create a new quahog to be found on ocean floors!


    And to everyone else thanks for being so patient with the next update. I got a lot of new changes in place specially with how treasure pools work and it means for super easy configuration changes in the future, be sure and read my patch notes found here for update #0.0.8. Now I wanted to let anyone who was following up with the development that things are close to release, I am just finishing up some things for a new quest series that will help guide everyone down the right path. I expect to be done before the 10th with the update released.

    It's certain from here on out that each new update will followup with a letter sorted update i.e. #0.0.8a this update will be major cleanup and fix any bugs that managed to slip into #0.0.8. This will happen on each new update as the cleanup seems to be the most important part for making things smooth out and I feel this process will keep things in the right direction.

    Anyhow aside from that if anyone has any questions or found new bugs please be sure to post them before the next update is released, I will be certain to fix them before if you do! Thank everyone for your support with Wild Things!

    -- NOTE: All current known bugs are posted on the mods homepage.
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  17. Alex Kersar

    Alex Kersar Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hello there, Kersar the Ghost stalker here.
    Just re-materializing to say that some of your item (hopefully i'm correct this time*Shy*) are broken, like the food consumables like the dried jerk? and maple syrup is broken or have incompatibility, as it closes not giving error, just closing when a consumable is used (only this mod does it here.)

    Thanks for reading, sorry for the time lost and for the hopefully (not)broken english.
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  18. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Thanks for the report Alex! I will investigate all .consumables before releasing the next update. I will make sure before its out that they are all working. Many consumable items I actually have already repaired in this next update but I am going to make sure and try others to make sure everything is good for the update.

    EDIT: It appears I needed to fix the maple syrup item still good find thank you! I will continue to check further jerky is also now safe!
  19. VarekRaith

    VarekRaith Phantasmal Quasar

    Using version 0.0.8, seasalt is missing.

    [03:19:16.838] Error: Could not instantiate item '[wt-seasalt, 5, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'wt-seasalt'
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  20. MikeAnomaly

    MikeAnomaly Yeah, You!

    Okay, how do I get twine, and the wooden poles? :p Thanks a ton in advance to anyone who answers

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