Why are Swordsmen always dumped on?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PyreStarite, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I saw the stream video thing. It was very cringy. Not the game mechanics necessarily, just me having to watch the red player make mistake after mistake.

    One thing that I noticed, the swordsmen were called soldiers, were the cheapest unit in the game, and all in all, treated like cannon-fodder. There were also spearmen that were twice the cost of the swordsmen and are over-all better. This... pains me so immensely that this just keeps happening. The idea that a man with a spear is automagically better than a man with a sword and shield is completely ludicrous. Let me tell you why spearman > swordsman makes me so unreasonably angry.

    1. Spears are cheaper to make than swords or shields!
      Think about what a spear is, it is a sharp piece of metal on the end of a long stick. Think about what a sword and a shield is, the first is a carefully crafted all purpose weapon consisting of a long, straight, and sharpened blade and the second is a platform of wood gilded and lined with metal for strength. Both of these individually use more metal than a spear.
    2. Spears require less skill than a sword to be effective!
      A spear is one of the easiest weapons ever created to use; just point the pointy end at the guy you don't like. With that, it also has the longest reach of any other melee weapon in existence, meaning you can out-range any other weapon without trying. Swords are the most versatile weapons ever created, so they require training to used most effectively.
    3. Shields were invented to save lives!
      Swordsmen have shields included, but spearmen do not. Shields were created to deflect or block any attack that is short of a boulder flung by a trebuchet. In other words, a shield can stop arrows, sword swipes, spear thrusts, and definitely doggos trying to nom your fingers off. The only weaknesses shields have is blunt damage or circumnavigation.
    I'm really tired of seeing swordsmen get put into the cannon-fodder role, when realistically and historically that has been the role of the spearmen. Swordsmen should be more expensive and tanky, and spearmen be cheaper and keep their anti-cavalry buff. Essentially what I want to change is spearmen and "soldiers" switch places. I think you all get what I am asking for, and I hope that the game will make the change.
    • Nth

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      Completely agree with you. Another reason I am hoping players will be able to mod some aspects of the game.
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        It's not realistic, but it makes sense in the context of being a fantasy game.

        Swords tend to act as the base, "vanilla" weapons in many games.
        They are meant to be simple enough for anyone to understand.
        They are also often decent at many things and great at very few.

        Same thing with swordsmen in Wargroove.
        They are your all-around cheap units.

        On that note, in many fantasy series you'll see entire armies wearing full plate armor and wielding swords and shields.
        The swords+shields bit is somewhat believable, but full plate armor, on an entire army?
        That would be unbelievably expensive.
        But hey, plate armor looks cool on a large army.

        With that said I do think that the spearmen should either look more badass or be balanced to cost less than they do now.
        It just feels off to have such a generic looking unit cost so much and be so powerful.
        If they had, say, crazy horned helmets and elaborate looking spears they'd probably feel much more in line with their cost.

        Edit: Oh yes, I believe that modding was confirmed from the beginning.

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