When i try to insert name on my new character on multiplayer with mods, it crashes

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Lanizee, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Lanizee

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    Recently, i'm trying to play stardew valley with some mods in, with my friends.
    But when i open my game with SMAPI, it's all fine until i try to join my friend's server and try to create new character. When i press the name space, it's fine, but as soon as i press something in it, the game just shuts down. No warning like Stardew valley is not responding or anything, just shut down very fast.
    Strange thing is that, if i host a server, then i have no problem, both me and my friend. explorer_PDfN9At56b.png

    These are the mods that i'm appling at the moment. i don't know where to find crash report :(

    Anyone has similar problem or can able to help me out?
    • Lanizee

      Lanizee Space Spelunker

      Actually, nvm found the problem, it was advancedlocationloader :)

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