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Other What's Your Four Member Stardew Adventuring Party?

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by acheld, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. acheld

    acheld Aquatic Astronaut

    (Not sure if this belongs here or Fanworks; sorry if wrong, feel free to move)

    PC - Ranger of Ehlonna. Background: Farmer
    Clearly a nature connection there, could have gone Druid as well. But the PC is clearly very martially skilled as well.

    Abigail - Bard. Background: Merchant
    Abigail shows musical talents, interest in magic, and swordsmanship. She wants to do it all, and seek adventure.

    Clint - Fighter. Background: Artisan.
    Heavily armed and armored, Clint wades into the thick of battle to protect his love, Emily.

    Emily - Cleric of Llira. Background: Performer
    As loving as she is flighty, Emily protects the party with her healing magic and buffs.

    What's your four member party? I used 5e DnD, but any RPG system is fine! Fantasy, Sci-Fi, whatever!

    (I elected to avoid the Wizard, because he's too powerful, too on the nose, and he is the wise mentor of the party anyway).

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