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    (Not sure if this belongs here or Fanworks; sorry if wrong, feel free to move)

    PC - Ranger of Ehlonna. Background: Farmer
    Clearly a nature connection there, could have gone Druid as well. But the PC is clearly very martially skilled as well.

    Abigail - Bard. Background: Merchant
    Abigail shows musical talents, interest in magic, and swordsmanship. She wants to do it all, and seek adventure.

    Clint - Fighter. Background: Artisan.
    Heavily armed and armored, Clint wades into the thick of battle to protect his love, Emily.

    Emily - Cleric of Llira. Background: Performer
    As loving as she is flighty, Emily protects the party with her healing magic and buffs.

    What's your four member party? I used 5e DnD, but any RPG system is fine! Fantasy, Sci-Fi, whatever!

    (I elected to avoid the Wizard, because he's too powerful, too on the nose, and he is the wise mentor of the party anyway).

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