Whats a good blogsite for displaying progress for game design?

Discussion in 'Games' started by burningleos, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Hey Guys, I need some help on what blogsite i should go for when making a game, and then showing some progress to people who like to see the game, but to be honest, I don't know what i should choose, I rather not use tumblr, but its recommended if i should do so, but i would really like if i managed to create my own page for my game, I'm also looking for recruiting Website Development and maybe a community manager, but of course, i need a website and a forum first, any suggestions?
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    Best thing might be to make your own website (at least, that's what I've read). If you're looking for *shudders* community then you may consider Facebook, but I'm no expert. What kind of game is this by the way?
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    For blogging, you'd probably want to have a site that has an existing community. I know you said you'd rather not use tumblr, but it's hard to compete with something that allows discoverability (if that's not a word, I'm making it one :D).

    You could make a Wordpress site, but then you're more dependent on your own marketing efforts in getting people to notice you. I would suggest not "just" getting a blog, but using more social media.

    If your game is particularly artsy, you could get on Ello - it's a social media thing for artsy stuff, it's pretty neat.

    I'd suggest starting a subreddit on Reddit as well - and there's several game development focused subreddits to take advantage of there. Say, /r/GameDev, /r/GameDesign, /r/PlayMyGame, /r/GameDevScreens, /r/DevBlogs and /r/IndieGaming. Just make sure you follow the rules of Reddit re: selfpromotion if you decide to get a presence on there (basically, don't *just* post selfpromotional stuff, use Reddit for other stuff as well.)
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