What are the life span for all fences?(Or most effecient?)

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  1. Xreaper331

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    I'm building the chicken coop and want to have fences around it before it's done and I don't know what to use...
    I've had wooden fences and im not goign that way but i dont want to waste my resources on stone or iron if i dont know how long they will last for, so can someone PLEASE tell me how long each fence can survive for?:cry:
    • Marak

      Marak Big Damn Hero

      My very unscientific study of fencing:

      Stone fences: I'm pretty sure a real stone fence would last longer than 3 weeks, CA. Just sayin'.
      Iron fences: Stardew Valley is apparently filled with acid rain and a Rust Elemental is at work on my farm, because Iron fencing should last for years and not months.
      Hardwood fences: ...why is hardwood superior to stone and metal again...?
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      • Xreaper331

        Xreaper331 Void-Bound Voyager

        Thanks! Il start using iron I guess since i really dont want to repair every couple weeks for stone! And hardwood is just to rare right now at my level
        • Marak

          Marak Big Damn Hero

          To be more helpful and less jokey, it's something along the lines of

          Wood - a couple of weeks if you're lucky
          Stone - maybe a whole season if your'e lucky
          Iron - two seasons or thereabouts
          Hardwood - dunno, Abby is able to fix them before they decay entirely so far

          But I'm no expert, I have very little fencing on my farm because gates are such a huge time waster and I don't see the point in putting up fencing that is constantly slowing me down when it serves no real purpose (other than an aesthetic one). If the grass is encroaching on my paths, that's what my scythe is for (and I probably need the Hay anyway).
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          • Declension

            Declension Cosmic Narwhal

            All I can say is I haven't needed to repair my hardwood fences in almost 2 years.
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            • Landwalker

              Landwalker Pangalactic Porcupine


              The recap:

              Wood Fences: Typically last about one season.
              Stone Fences: Typically last about two seasons.
              Iron Fences: Why are you wasting iron on a fence? But I guess if you are, expect about 4-5 seasons of use.
              Hardwood Fences: About 2.5 years.
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              • Jumboshrimp

                Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                Hardwood lasts forever once you get married, Alex keeps fixing my fence every once in a while.
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                • Thanatosll

                  Thanatosll Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  according to:

                  gates last 100 days. wood fences last for 23 to 33 days. stone fences last 55 to 66 days (get the recipe at farming level2). iron fences last 120 to 132 days(get recipe at farming level 4). hardwood fences last 260 to 300 days(get recipe at farming level 6).
                  hope this helps.

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