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    As i was reading the June 13th post on the playstarbound site, a thought occurred to me.
    Weight behind a mob's charge. A shield has a weight capacity (i'm not referring to the weight of the shield).
    To simplify my idea,

    A low level shield has a weight capacity of 5 kilograms, A high level shield has a weight capacity of 50 kilogram (Just an example)
    I remember reading that a monster's ability is based on it's unique parts. Each individual part should have a weight attached to it.
    So a monster with a 1 kilogram leg, 2 kilogram head .... >>>> total monster weight = 7 kilograms.
    If the monster has a Charge skill...
    A 7 kilogram monster charging at a human with a shield of weight capacity 5 kilogram would knock the human back.
    A 7 kilogram monster charging at a human with a shield of weight capacity 50 kilogram would be knocked backed,
    The monster charging into the shield and recoiling, *preferably adding a animation of it shaking it's head to clear the dizziness that comes with headbanging into a shield* would make the Charge skill more livelier.

    At a low threat level, It would be cool if the monster is small, while at a higher threat level the monsters are bigger, (Removes the monotony of seeing the same size mob everywhere + stronger mob should be bigger :O)

    To end my post, If a human is backed into a corner (A wall behind him) and a heavier monster charges him, knocking him back into the wall, it would be cool if he receives damage that way. (Doesn't it hurt to fly into a wall?)

    Thanks for reading my post devs and starbounders :D ! I've searched and couldn't find a similar thread, hopefully i am not reposting.
    Cheers to my first post ! :D ~

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