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    I feel that most weapons need some more love. Swords are the only weapons that's worth using, all of the others feel inferior for various reasons. I propose to NOT nerf swords (I think they are fine despite that), and instead improve the other weapons in different ways.


    What's the point of them? They just hit one target at short range and have less damage than a sword. And you don't even lose much in the critical hit department if you choose a sword since their crit chances aren't that lower compared to daggers. And the Galaxy Sword is really fast, making one of the few advantages daggers offer over the other weapons mute.

    My proposal is to tweak their Crit. Power and give this stat to all daggers that don't have it yet. I'm baffled that from all the 8 daggers available, only 3 have Crit. Power, and the Galaxy Dagger is NOT one of them.


    Clubs are not that bad, but even they need a little help. They have their own strenghts and weaknesses compared to swords, but I still don't feel they have enough damage.

    Just tweak their damage a little bit. Other than that they don't need more.


    The only thing awful about these are the controls. Admitelly, It's not too bad for me since I've played Organ Trail, which has a similar control scheme, but it's still awful.

    Why it can't be about using the joypad/cursor to aim while the slingshot is selected and press a button to shoot, instead of dragging it to the opposite direction? I don't see a good reason for it to be so convoluted.
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      I agree for the most part. I'm far too cheap to actually buy any weapons when you get perfectly serviceable ones from the mines and I never really made use of the Crystal Dagger from the mines because, to be frank, I suck with it. The only weapons I ever really used were the swords from the mines, which lead to running around floor 80+ with the Steel Smallsword until I reached the Obsidian Edge.

      The daggers would vastly benefit from some incentive to use them over the swords but I probably still wouldn't, for the aforementioned reason. I'm of the mind that clubs are fine where they're at, but I'm also not inclined to argue against re-balancing them.

      Slingshots are in dire need of a revision with respect to their controls. On the Vita version they're so unwieldy that I used the Master Slingshot one time, fired four shots, then put it away and haven't touched them since.

      I'd really like to see new ways of attack becoming available as you increase in combat skill; things like the alternate attacks changing as your skill level rises.
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        Daggers are sickly fast when you multiple stab, they make even the galaxy sword seem like it's moving through treacle. Don't think they need rebalancing.

        The clubs are also useful to give yourself some breathing space by smacking the ground when you get swarmed, and knocking the monsters back

        Both are useful for their value of their secondary actions, and if you get the full set of galaxy weapons they can complement each other really well to make you virtually invulnerable against enemies, relegating them to merely being a nuisance while you're trying to mine stuff, rather than being a genuine threat.

        Honestly, if anything needs rebalancing, it's the monsters, they need to be made harder imo, in the skull cavern at least. If they were faster, hit harder, had more stamina and were less easily knocked back the deeper you got in skull cavern, it'd be a real fun test for deep runs. I mean, the supposed top dog monster, at least by Combat XP earned, is those green serpent things, and they disappear with two swipes of a galaxy sword without even getting close to harming you. Mummies are about the same, just more stubborn about not staying dead. I can't remember the last time I even came close to dying in there, let alone actually dying

        Slingshots I've never really got on with, I don't bother any more. As far as I'm concerned, they can go do one, I don't really care whether or not they are balanced

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