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Bug/Issue Warp Totem waste bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by AmroWazzan, Jan 23, 2019.


Did this bug works with you? or im just crazy and only me?

  1. Yes it did work lol your right and rip wasted 1 Warp totem for this.

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  2. ye ur crazy please send a doctor to your computer

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  3. lol i dont have a Warp totem sorry

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  1. AmroWazzan

    AmroWazzan Void-Bound Voyager

    i recorded that bug and uploaded it in Youtube and you can easily perform that bug aswell...
    but its not a cool bug but its wasteful only... thats why patching it would be nice :))

    When you use Any Totem and before it complete the teleportation, Swing with your sword and it will be canceled... and the totem is gone in the void.

    ------------------Useless Things to read if you have time---------------------------------
    What? you say im using mods? no, lol i never even installed a single mod.. i dont really like them.

    What? Full screen matters? no it doesnt, im not a developer but thats my gamer sense.

    you wot? You want a Crash log? well if you said Logs then i will but i didnt crash so rip... do it your self because its easy and works with (My latest build in Windows that comes from Steam)

    How did i know this bug? its just like you are telling me the steps but ok lets say that again..
    1-Use Any Warp Totem.
    2- Instantly Switch (By clicking where you placed your sword like Number1 and not by clicking it from your keyboard) To your Sword and Swing.
    3-after that Walk a little to make sure that the totem didnt work :))))))
    i was at the farm and did that very quickly and then discovered this bug.... Happy? oh yes you are

    -------------------------------------Another line because why not?--------------------
    thanks for reading the useless things to read if you have time.
    Wait what? you didnt read it? well shame to me...
    • AmroWazzan

      AmroWazzan Void-Bound Voyager

      Wait wait... What? you say my English is bad? well.. No u
      ah sorry but its really cheap to say... (Sorry for my bad English) yep im confident in my self and english and im yeet

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