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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Midnight Tea, Feb 7, 2020.

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    I just wanted to say I got a chance to get into the game again on the Double Trouble release and... geez, this really revitalizes the game. It was getting to be a bit Pikegroove, but I just wanted to compliment the devs for coming up with a really classy solution to an overwhelmingly dominant strategy. 250 gold seems a really fair price for pikes and the addition of rifles really gives a versatile hard counter. What makes the rifleman such a cunning addition to the game is that they excel mostly on maps that are large and empty where their long sightlines can have the most use. These sort of flat maps are exactly the sort where pike spam happens because it offers multiple opportunities to swarm and surround. It really does feel like the game is going in a direction where a variety of unit compositions will be viable with the Commander being the piece de resistance to each.

    Oh and the changes to multiplayer... *finger kiss* will be very nice to get a chance to play with more people and being able to just open maps for friends or strangers to drop in and challenge really will do a lot of good in keeping the game's longevity going. Having a busy multiplayer lobby does a lot to contribute to the perception the game is alive and thriving.
    Got a chance to do some of the Double Trouble campaign with friends and I'm just gobsmacked with how well balanced it is. Wulfar as the muscle and the twins as the cunning insertion agents is just... you have someone on the team with some serious vision is all I'm gonna say, really. I did the first part of the Felheim heist this morning with my friend and it was just riveting with lots of ups and downs. (key highlight: Ragna shield jumping on a single unattended thief!)

    As to the topic title -- yeah, I'm one of the people bummed out and burnt out by Warcraft 3 Reforged being kind of a slapdash mess. Double Trouble came out just in time to remind me that Felheim is much better run than Northrend. Valder's story even feels sort of like an intentional subversion on Arthas' to begin with. Anyways, Double Trouble just came out at a perfect time I think. Almost like this too was a plotted heist. (how could Wulfar have predicted Reforged would be such a mess, though...)

    Keep doing what you're doing, guys! Sorry for the nearly year long silence, just been anticipating this release.

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