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    Introducing The "Shedding" Idea
    Let me remind you this was inspired by another post talking about empires, I decided to give my share on it. Here is the original thread:

    --My Take/Others--
    I really like this idea Taking things over, I have seen on the the community many times and that is the idea of conquering. So the way I have seen it is that you kill off the guards in a village (The villagers will hate you slightly) then you rebuild trust with them until you are able to conquer, Now here is my take on this. Let's say you want to conquer a solar system and when you do some benefits are:

    -S.A.I.L collects the regularly gifted items from your villagers (Small amount of cash, Salve, And rare treasures, Rarely)
    -Establishes power among other empires

    So you start off with that starting planet you like it and the look of it then you go through a process I call "Shedding" and here is what the requirements are:

    1. Must have a 300x150 area on the surface cleared (Meaning you can beam anywhere from that 300x150 area on the surface)
    2. Must have at least 10 colonies in that area
    3. Some buildings are also required (Farm, 2 Guard towers [pillar with a living NPC and a machine gun], And NPCs)

    After meeting some of those requirements you come back to S.A.I.L and in a new interface you click on "Shed" S.A.I.L analyzes it for you if incomplete he halts progression, if alright he goes on and confirms the process is complete. Now you will notice that when you revisit the planet all of your NPCs will be dressed in regular Shirt and pants or special clothes customized with your tailor. And on the FTL interface the planet will appear with a flag next to it. You repeat that for all of the planets then upon returning to your ship sail will announce:

    "It appears that all of the planets have been colonized, speak with me if you wish to further progression"

    Upon doing that you go to where the "Shed" button is and now once grayed out, "Conquer" will be available. S.A.I.L runs you through a similar process then announces:
    "Congrats on your first solar system"

    --Reverting back/Gifts--
    You tired of owning a system, or want it to be a Mining System, Speaking once more with S.A.I.L and going back to that interface will allow you to "Disband" in which you lose ownership and your planets are back to being normal planets that have been built on. Now once and a while as mention when you visit the ship S.A.I.L will say that he has gifts from your people and in which gives you gifts from 5-7 people whether it be money or more salve.

    Now take this with a grain on salt as for this is a system that can improved with the help of the Starbound Community and Peers, So if you want to recommend something or give constructive criticism on how broken it may be, Please share.
    Now In terms of NPC Functionality, Other Empires, or just plain "Why is this needed" I haven't delved to that depth but if you want me to I can.

    Thank you and Share this with the community.

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