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    These types of chests would allow the player to access items stored in another void chest from anywhere in the world. They would be an end-game goal with a high and rare resource (e.g.: Iridium and Void Essence) cost as well as a level 10 in a specific skill (e.g.: Mining).
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    • Scritchowl

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      Why the size of a single chest isnt that big. Placement would also probably be permanent unless destroyed by villager collision. Also that would probably break with work shops. I mean by the time you should make them you probably have the large rucksack.

      The only place I could see this being useful is if you could keep it by robins.

      Not trying to talk down just trying to see what use this would be for end game players
      • Kaiosama TLJ

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        Well, I can see more uses for those chests. One use is placing some near the Mines and the Skull Cavern to deposit your farming tools to give space for more loot. We can say we can already do that with regular chests, but let's just say we end up being knocked out and waking up in Harvey's clinic, or we spended too much time in one of those places to even bother to pick up the tools back. With a "universal" storage place like this we don't need to waste time making two trips just to work on the farm the next day.

        Another use would be for placing them near fishing spots and have easy access to bait and other fishing equipment. (that if you are serious about fishing)

        Of course, I think the whole idea of having a storage space that can be accessed almost anywhere may need some adjustments. For example, maybe you can store less items compared to a regular chest as a drawback.

        As for requirements, I don't think Iridium or even level 10 at a certain skill are necessary, also it could be a mid-game item rather than end-game. This would be my idea for the recipe:

        - 1 Chest (50 Wood required to make one)
        - 15 Void Essences
        - 15 Solar Essences
        - 1 Star Shard (found inside Magma and Omni Geodes)

        As for the recipe itself, you would need to be good friends with the Wizard (maybe 8 Hearts or more), which would make sense considering the mystical nature of the chest.
        • Scritchowl

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          @Kaiosama TLJ
          Yeah with the mid game I could see it being more useful. Its just at the endgame I dont see most players getting knocked out too often (short of a serpent storm in skull caverns). Its just that using it just for the mines seems to be away to nerf the passout penalty. I have seen some people request a piggy bank that you store money in til you hit it with a pickax to gain the money back.

          So yeah I could see some use as a tool storage item it just looks like people would exploit it for mine rampages with little to no consequence for the actions they do. I mean it needs a nerf of somesort to make it not so op. Like reducing the slots to 8 or make time pass while its open like mp so a person cannot sacrifice one in the mines to save their prismatics from having to be reclaimed by marlon
          • Kaiosama TLJ

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            3x3 (9 slots) could be fine. Also, maybe the limitation of not being able to place it inside one of the mines/cavern floors could be better (instead, you can only place at the entrance) than having it not stop time while open like mp.

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