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Discussion in 'Support' started by Multimaha, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Multimaha

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    Hey guys.

    I received my backer key for the steam version a few days ago and have been enjoying the game greatly. I also picked the PS4/Vita version today, but I've ran into some frame-dropping issues with the Vita version. Seems to be kind of random, I've had them occur when I'm moving between rooms, when I'm fighting monsters or when I'm just moving in an area. Animation frames get dropped and suddenly I'm running into a monster, or almost teleporting to a different part of the room.

    • Cruxics

      Cruxics Space Hobo

      I too am experiencing these issue. Among others:

      • Random frame drop of 5 to 10 frames resulting in reduced reaction time. Possible Garbage Collection issue timing or other resource management issue.
      • Audio Popping.
      • Initial Cutscene in the TimeSpinner chamber seeing ridiculous frame rate dip, audio timing issues (when compared to PS4 and PC version)
      • Minor/occasional input lag.
      • Zach1122

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        Just got it today for vita and am experiencing all the same issues. Anybody have a fix or is there an upcoming patch? Its really making this game quite difficult to play
        • LunarRayGames

          LunarRayGames Developer

          Hey there, we're aware there's currently performance niggles with the Vita version and are going to investigate and see what we can do!
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          • Zach1122

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            Thanks for the quick response! That has been really the only complaint ive had with this otherwise INCREDIBLE game. This is metroidvania done right and i cant wait until the kinks are worked out so i can fully enjoy it.

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