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    So I was looking into the wiki portions where it details the locations of the villagers given the day, time, and date. I'm trying to input them into a sort-able spreadsheet to where I can compare where they are and when so I can configure some gift giving runs to maximize villager gifting.

    I figured if I got that data into a use able format that I can access while playing I could verify the correctness and fill in some of the blanks. Especially for example, Sam on Mondays in Spring I think it might be nice to include where he is at in intermediate landmarks while walking to and from work. It's such a long route that knowing he crosses in front of Pierre's at x o'clock could be use full for me.

    Are the villagers schedules something easily found in the code? [I play on pc]
    Or do I need to sit down and redo each day with each villager to verify this stuff?

    I hear there is a mod that will locate npc for you, but I don't really want to play with it and would prefer a different method of gathering the data if it was cleaner and easier than downloading smapi and a mod just to get information..
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      As far as mods go, there's NPC Map Locations and the UI Info Suite which both show the locations of villagers on the map, which can be useful to your experiment.

      Other than that, the wiki is the only other reliable source of information that I'd really trust. Pathing logic isn't in the Content folder, so it would require a decompile to pull up that code, which might not be particularly intuitive as to what it does.

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