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    Idea 1: The game should memorize the day where the player restored the community center and make it another Pelican town holiday where all villagers gather and spend time in the CC. Maybe they have a lottery as highlight? Prizes could include small pieces of furniture like potted plants, the tea set, or some general items. Nothing too valuable, the farm usually produces enough G already.

    Idea 2: Outdoor furniture like garden chairs and tables, sunloungers and sunshades, benches, trash bins..

    Idea 3: Fixed furniture like the kitchen and all the beds should come in the various wood colors to match other furniture you can buy, same goes for the various bookshelves and the China Cabinet. More funiture would also be nice, like the small drawers in some NPC houses, a computer or a toy box for the children. Oh - and make plants and other decoration placable on shelves and drawers, not only on (bedside) tables? Please?

    Idea 4: (Crafting) recipes that make use of Spring Onion, Wild Horseradish, Holly and other generally underused items.

    Idea 5: I suggested this once already, but forgot where. The ability to process flowers into perfume. (Maybe just stuff them in the oil press?)


    Idea 6: A use for Leah's cottage or Eliott's shack once you married one of them. It's just so sad to see those houses empty and forgotten. Mabe Linus could move there during Fall and Winter?

    Idea 7: Raising money to demolish the closed Joja Mart and build something better instead? A school was already suggested somewhere, I believe.

    Idea 8: Roses, onions, lemons (tree), cabbage, violets, lilac (tree) as crop.
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